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Blue Wave 19 Inch Above Ground Oval Ground Sand Fil Sys 1Hp
Blue Wave 19 Inch Above Ground Oval Ground Sand Fil Sys 1Hpby Blue Wave Products, Inc$622.76Only 3 Left
Sta-rite; premium grade above-ground sand filter and pump systems sta-rite; puts quality in this high performance, low-maintenance filter system these rugged high-performance sand filter systems will deliver years of trouble-free operation. Sta-rite; known for manufacturing top quality in-ground pool equipment, has brought its technology to its above-ground line; delivering superior flow rates, energy-efficient operation, and unsurpassed reliability. This high quality filter tank is constructed of tough polyethylene that is weather resistant and corrosion-proof. It is backed by a 1-year warranty. An easy-to-use, 6-position multi-port valve for quick backwashing tops this rugged tank. Inside the tank, unique sand laterals provide even flow through the sand bed ensuring maximum filtration as water passes through the filter. This highly efficient filtration system reduces energy costs by enabling you to run your pump less while still maintaining crystal clear water. Put sta-rite; advanced technology to work on your pool this summer. Complete pump and filter kit: comes with a powerful high output pump, filter tank, base, multi-port valve, and hose connections. Sand filter tank only: comes with the filter tank and multi-port valve only (Hose connections are not included). Connection kit: when connecting a new dynamo pump to an existing waterford sand system, you'll need to modify the connection for the fittings to work together. Kit works for 1 hp, 1. 5 Hp and 2 Hp pumps. Kit includes a union on the valve end and can be cut to length on the pump end biased of the filter size. Features: Both the pump filter box, complete set Pump, filters, accessories 1Read More
Blue Wave 15ft x 30ft 15Yr Ultra Lt Solid - Blue
Blue Wave 15ft x 30ft 15Yr Ultra Lt Solid - Blueby Blue Wave Products, Inc$771.42Only 3 Left
15-year Arctic Armor ultra light solid safety cover combines super strength with ultra light fabrics to make removing this cover a snap! our lightweight solid safety covers contain super strong fabric that provides ultra light safety covers with its superior strength and ultra light characteristics. Ultra light covers resist tears, rips, chlorine and sun damage and ensure that your pool is crystal clear when you open it each spring. Ultra light is over 35% lighter than other solid covers so it is easy to install and remove. The patented center drain catches the finest dirt and debris, but still allows the cover to drain. This eliminates the hassle of pumping off your cover each spring. Since ultra light is solid no algae can grow and your pool will remain clear all winter long! ultra light covers are supported by super strong webbing that makes this cover ultra strong as well as lightweight. These solid covers are made of rugged two-ply polypropylene mesh with a break strength of over 4000 lbs.! covers are formulated to be impervious to UV rays, mold and mildew. Covers are 2 feet longer and 2 feet wider than your pool and come complete with brass anchors, stainless steel springs, installation tool, storage bag and complete installation instructions. Built for superior performance and longevity, ultra light is backed by a 15 year warranty. Available in blue, green, tan and gray. Available with or without step sections. Cover 1Read More
Blue Wave Ag Mod Media Sys 100 Sqft 1-Hp
Blue Wave Ag Mod Media Sys 100 Sqft 1-Hpby Blue Wave Products, Inc$1,065.70Only 7 Left
Sta-rite; super-efficient mod media; pump and filter system advanced mod media; cartridges filter particles 3 times finer than sand for crystal clear water! sta-rite; has combined the powerful filtering capabilities of a cartridge filter with the low-maintenance of a sand filter. Specially designed mod media; cartridges will filter particles 3 times smaller than sand and require only a simple cleaning about 2 times per season. Now you can have the low maintenance of sand with the outstanding water clarity of a cartridge filter. This system comes with a high-tech tank that is compact and built of tough dura-glass; composite to withstand weather and corrosion. It is backed by a 1-year warranty. The tank is also designed around easy access with its easy-open posi; ring closure that allows rinse-in-place cleaning of the mod media; cartridges. You can wash and rinse your mod media; cartridges without even removing them! the mod media; filter is specially designed to handle 15 times more dirt than an equivalent sand or cartridge filter. It can handle so much dirt and continue to operate efficiently, that you will only have to rinse the cartridges once or twice per season. Plus, mod media; cartridges last for many seasons, eliminating the hassle of replacing sand every other year. Driven by our powerful and efficient sta-rite; optic-flo pumps, the system produces optimal turnover rates. In fact, the system is so efficient you can run it less, saving you money on energy costs. The system comes complete with pump, filter, base, and hose connections. Invest in the premium mod media; system this season for unsurpassed water quality and low, low maintenance. Features: Starite Srplm100Oe1160 Pump, filters, accessories 1Read More

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