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Recycling Bins

Recycling has become an important part of our everyday routine. Gone are the days where we would carelessly toss anything and everything into the trash. This added responsibility to our planet has created the need for additional recycling bins to keep our plastic, glass, paper and aluminum cans all separate. But incorporating extra recycle bins into our homes doesn’t need to mean we lose a lot of space. Stackable styles make it easy to fit recycling containers into your home, and other recycle bins are slim varieties designed to be tucked in right next to the trash can.

If you have children or keep forgetting which recyclables go where, color-coded or labeled recycle bins are a great idea. It’s also wise to keep your recycling containers where children can easily reach them to encourage good habits. You can also make a game out of choosing which items go in which recycling bin or let your kids decorate your recycling bins with festive, colorful labels and pictures.

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