Safavieh Sheepskin Collection SHS211 Rug, White, 8' X 10'
Safavieh Sheepskin Collection SHS211 Rug, White, 8' X 10'
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Natural Sheepskin Rugs impart warm, rustic-chic charm throughout room decor. These stylish area rugs flow with luxurious texture and a soft feel underfoot that is hard to duplicate. Natural sheepskin rugs are also rich in lanolin, which adds luster and protection from spills. Each sheepskin rug is unique, made from natural hides and unaltered from the slight variations that add organic qualities to your particular choice.
Materials: Natural Sheepskin
General Care: Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening of your rug pile. Rotating your rug every few months will help relieve areas from excessive wear. Packing and shipping may cause temporary creases in area rugs. To remove them back-roll/reverse roll your rug and allow time for the creases to relax. Direct sunlight will cause the colors in your area rug to fade over time. Long term exposure to humid weather can be harmful to area rugs. Sweeping works best for outdoor rugs. The sturdy pile of an indoor-outdoor rug does not trap dirt as readily as other area rugs. For rugs that are relatively easy to handle, bring them outdoors and shake vigorously to remove excess debris. Hang over an outdoor railing and beat with the back of a broom or rug beater, varying in vigor based on the construction and condition of the rug. Area rugs placed in high traffic areas will wear faster than those in lesser tread-upon locations. Rotating a rug every few months will distribute any wear and fading evenly.
Cleaning & Removing Stains: Sheepskin is naturally water resistant and durable, but proper maintenance is still recommended to keep your rug looking its best and feeling soft as fleece. Brush the fur with a sheepskin brush routinely to avoid matting. Do not use alkaline laundry detergents. Normal wool wash will cause the leather backing to stiffen or even deteriorate. Keep out of the sunlight. UV rays will cause the wool to yellow. If you get a stain, dampen the area and cover it with cornstarch or potato starch. Once the area dries, shake the starch out of the fur.

Safavieh Sheepskin Collection SHS211 Rug, White, 8' X 10'By Safavieh
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  • 8' X 10'

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