Shimmer Shag 30"x50" Rug, Gray
Shimmer Shag 30"x50" Rug, Gray
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Whether you call them shiny, shimmery, plush, lush, or sumptuous, the Shimmer Shag Collection is definitely soooooft! The ideal choice for kids to roll around on, to make a statement in a dorm room, to accent a new baby's room, or step out onto from the tub, the Shimmer Shag Collection of rugs are handmade using natural cotton and polyester fibers. By using this unique combination of fibers, we've created a rug that literary sparkles! This grey blue with silver highlights super plush rug has varying pile depth up to 3 inches deep.

Shimmer Shag 30"x50" Rug, GrayBy St Croix Trading
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    10 Colors: Gray

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This Product Has Been Described As:
  • cotton
  • deep plush
  • Hand Woven
  • handmade
  • natural fibers
  • polyester
  • shag
  • soft
  • sparkle
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