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38" Gas Easy Access 2 Drawer Wide Vertical Smoker
38" Gas Easy Access 2 Drawer Wide Vertical Smokerby Landmann$630.79(1)
-Our popular vertical 38" Wide smoking chamber offers a large 1540 square inch smoking area on 5 chrome-plated cooking racks. Utilizing LP Gas and a rotary ignition, the 18,000 BTU output via our fully adjustable heat control, provides the temperature range and control for most common smoking applications. The adjustable top chimney and side chrome-plated damper vents allow for fine tuning of the heat for optimum temperature control. Made of heavy-duty steel construction, welded cooking chamber and stabilized by wide stance legs, this smoker will provide years of smoking excellence. Our Patent Pending EASY ACCESS drawers allow for quick and safe access to check your water level and replenish the wood supply without opening main smoking chamber door, and losing accumulated heat and smoke. Equipped with large carry handles, this smoker can be easily transported to any outdoor gathering or smoking site.-Heavy steel construction -Welded smoking chamber -Magnetic door closure -1540 sq. in smoking area -18,000 BTU output -5 chrome-plated cooking racks -Fully adjustable heat control -Rotary ignition system -Center located temperature gauge on door -Wide stance legs for stability -Patent Pending EASY ACCESS drawers to access both the water pan and wood chip box without opening the main smoking chamber door -Durable large plastic door and drawer handles -Heavy duty side handles -Large Porcelain-coated steel water pan -Large steel wood chip box with vented lid -Adjustable top chimney and side damper vents with plastic guards -Cast Brass burner for long life -CSA Certified -Assembled Smoker: 48" x 26" x 21" -Smoking Chamber: 38" x 24" x 16" -Assembled Weight: 93.0 -Cover not includedRead More
Cook King 111250 Berlin Garden Smokehouse
Cook King 111250 Berlin Garden Smokehouseby CookKing$512.55$408
Our garden smokehouse enables smoking own products in comfortable conditions: at home, on a balcony or in a garden. Berlin garden smokehouse is a free-standing product intended exclusively for use outdoors. It has a specially designed base which improves stability and prevents toppling over. Smoking temperature, air supply and smoke outflow are very easily adjusted with openings located in the bottom and the top part of the housing. A built-in thermometer allows to easily set a desired temperature of smoking. To increase product life and aesthetics, the external side of the housing was powder-coated black, while sheet metal with the thickness of 1.0 from which the housing was made ensures durability and stability of the structure. The aforementioned qualities makes our product stand out from among seemingly similar 2-3 season smokehouses. You will able to use our product for at least 10-15 years without fear of burning through it. Our shop also offers practical campfire grills on tripod, Hungarian cauldrons and garden hearths which perfectly fit our garden smokehouse. Includes: 2 Wooden pegs, 6 hooks (3 small - 3 large), a net for horizontal smoking, fat try, ash pan. Features: Thermometer up to 120 degrees. Handles at both sides for easy carrying. Powder-coated black from the outside. Preserved with cooking oil from the inside. High Quality of Workmanship, Made in Poland. Smoke outlet adjustment from the top (rear wall). Made of sheet metal with the thickness of 1.0mm. Air inflow adjustment from the bottom (door at the front). Specifications: Dimensions: 30cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 100cm (H).Read More
vidaXL Smoker BBQ Black Meat Grill Thermometer Outdoor Barbecue Food Cooking
vidaXL Smoker BBQ Black Meat Grill Thermometer Outdoor Barbecue Food Cookingby vidaXL$584.99$469.99
This smoker barbecue is a combination of a traditional barbecue and a smoker barbecue. It allows you to grill, smoke, roast and keep your ready food hot. Within the fire compartment, smoldering wood produces heat and smoke that is evenly spread within the smoker. If you are sticking with one way of cooking, the separate fire box can be used to maintain the heat of your already barbecued food. The Nevada has one fire compartment and two smoking chambers. Meat, fish, vegetables, pizza and even bread can be prepared deliciously within the smoker. The taste of your food can be influenced by your choice of wood. Dishes are able to be cooked at low temperatures, which ensures that your fish and meat remain juicy and delicious. This smoker has two very spacious grill compartments. A temperature gauge allows you to monitor the temperature within the smoker. An additional rack shelf to store some extra wood can be found at the bottom. Note: We recommend using a BBQ cover (not included) to protect the item from adverse weather conditions. *Color: Black *Material: Powder-coated metal *Handle bars material: Wood *Fire compartment: 1, 11.8" x 11.8" (Diameter x L) *Smoking chambers: 2, 11.8" x 24" (Diameter x L) *Grills: 2 (21.3" x 11.8") *Work surfaces: 2 (22.8" x 8.7") *Rack shelf: 2 (22.8" x 12.6") *BBQ dimensions: 68" x 25.6" x 52.4" (L x W x H) *With built-in thermometer *With adjustable air-intake *Ignition: Charcoal and briquettesRead More
Gateway Drum Smoker 55 Gallon, Charcoal
Gateway Drum Smoker 55 Gallon, Charcoalby Gateway Drum Smokers$1,111.25
Uniquely engineered for quality performance, Gateway Drum Smokers is the acclaimed premier brand of drum smokers on the market. Pioneering a new vision of barbecue, a Gateway Drum Smoker offers an innovative solution to overnight pit-tending by slashing long cooking hours, while simultaneously providing moister, more flavorful results in half the time. Manufactured right here in the USA, Gateway Drum Smokers possess fuel efficiency that is second to none, and its user-friendly, light and portable design adds a versatile edge to every cook. Designed for the revolutionary HOT and FAST approach, but crafted to embrace the traditional Low and Slow cooking method, Gateway Drum Smokers serves up supreme performance on a backyard budget. Up your game, lower your cost, and produce mouth-watering, Grand Champion results every time. Gateway Drum Smokers are designed to maximize the flavor, moisture, and tenderness of your barbecue. Cooking at temperatures between 250, 325 degrees maximizes vaporization while uniting With smoke to generate an intense tenderizing effect leaving you With the sought after backyard grill flavor that is not present in other cookers. These affordable, user friendly smokers are perfect for any BBQs, whether competing at the famous American Royal, tailgating at the big game, or entertaining in the backyard. Impress family and friends by embracing the new way of barbecuing.HOT and FAST. on a brand new Gateway Drum Smoker. Features: Color: Charcoal. 22.5" Plated steel cooking grate (1). Removable, high-capacity fire basket. Logo Plate. Lid hook inside grill lid. Fixed, center-mounted 3" Custom Dial Thermometer 50 Deg, 500 DegF. Two welded, air adjusting intake pipes. Air adjusting exhaust pipe. Two welded steel handles. Fully Assembled. Removable Caster Wheel Kit. Paint Standards: High-Heat Resistant Paint (Withstands temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit). Specifications: Overall Dimensions: 28" (L)x23" (W)x44" (H). Package Dimensions: 48x48x48 Standard pallet. Packaged Weight: 150 lbs.Read More
Outset Portable Infusion Smoker Cool Smoker Battery Operated
Outset Portable Infusion Smoker Cool Smoker Battery Operatedby OUTSET$43.99$30.99
A great alternative to the Breville PolyScience or the Gourmia, the Outset smoking gun delivers full flavor and the perfect balance for cold smoking meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, beverages and classic cocktails in just 5 minutes. Smaller and more versatile than a smoker grill, it's the perfect alternative to smoker accessories for adding big, smoky flavor and aroma with very little effort. No soaking wood chips or cooking foods for hours for that smoky flavor. Cold smoking gently infuses a measured amount of natural cool smoke to enhance flavors without cooking or preserving foods, or changing textures or temperatures. No electricity required, it's battery-operated for portable, versatile use anywhere, both indoors or outside. Compact and lightweight with integrated stand for comfortable, single-handed operation. The silicone nozzle extender hose places smoke with precision. Works with a variety of wood smoking chips, teas and spices, Hay, dried flowers, and herbs. Approved for commercial use, the cold smoker is perfect for professional and home chefs, as well as mixologists. Smoke Salmon after Plating, serve smoked cheese or butters, cherry tomatoes for salads, sauces, chocolate, meringues and fruits in a flash. Easily elevate bartender recipes to exciting smoky cocktails, like smoky Martini, smoky Mary and dragon's breath. Simply fill burn chamber, light the combustibles, and apply the smoke. Includes replacement smoke screens, wood chip sample pack (1/2-ounce each apple and Hickory flavors). Compact for easy storage and transport anywhere. Disassembles easily without tools. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Easy cleanup.Read More
Charcoal Smoker No.1 F50-S
Charcoal Smoker No.1 F50-Sby ROSLE USA$653.87
Charcoal Smoker No.1 F50-SPassionate barbecuers won't be able to resist the lure of smoking. Long-smoked fish and meat in particular are a celebrated part of the authentic American barbecue tradition. It's easy to see why for those in the know: smoked dishes have a unique tenderness and a distinctive aroma. Our smoker is highly mobile, compact and beautifully designed. With sophisticated functions as standard, it's just as good as a classic locomotive smoker. Try brand new barbecue experiences: for instance pulled pork, smoked ribs or slow-cooked pulled brisket. GRILL SURFACE Extra-large grill surface: 2 50 cm / 20 in.2 1,885 cm /292 sq.in. COMFORTABLE WORKING HEIGHT The ergonomic height of 100 cm/39 in. and 73 cm/29 in. promotes convenient work at the grill. MATERIAL Smoker made of black porcelain-enamelled steel, tubular frame made of silver aluminium. HEAT STORE Integrated 7-litre/7.4 qt. water container ensures a consistent temperature during cooking. SIMPLE, RAPID ASSEMBLY Partly pre-assembled. LID THERMOMETER The large lid thermometer is easy to read and displays temperatures in degreeC and degreeF. PRACTICAL HINGED LID No need to worry where to put the lid down. The hinge guarantees quick opening and closing of the lid using just one hand. FLIP GRATE Patented flip grate for direct and indirect grilling. ACCESSORIES Includes 2 grilling grates and smoker hooks for whole fish.ASH COLLECTOR Large ash collector. MOBILITY The grill can be transported effortlessly thanks to its large wheels. AIR VENTS The temperature in the cooking chamber can be controlled by precisely adjusting the AIR supply. Item no.: 25009 Length: 69 cm , 27.17 Width: 68 cm , 26.77 Height: 136 cm , 53.54 Weight: 27.2 kg , 12.349 lb Material: Aluminium, Enamelled steel Finish: mirror, smooth Composition: Aluminium smooth silver, Enamelled steel glossy black Colour: black, silver Main grill surface (cm , "): 2x 49 , 0.8x 19.3 Material grill rack: Chrome-plated steel Coal grate: Flip Grate Lid hinge: Yes Lid thermometer: Yes Direct contact with food: YesRead More
38" Gas EASY ACCESS 2 Drawer WIDE Vertical Smoker
38" Gas EASY ACCESS 2 Drawer WIDE Vertical Smokerby Landmann$529.97
38" Gas EASY ACCESS 2 Drawer WIDE Vertical SmokerThe Landman Smoky Mountain 38-inch Vertical Gas Smoker with two Heat Saving Drawers and Wide Chamber provides 1576-square inch of cooking area to smoke your favorite meats, fowl and fish. Features heat saving EASY ACCESS drawers with handle to access wood chip box and water pan without opening main chamber door. Magnetic door closing system efficiently latches door. Fully adjustable heat control with front door temperature gauge. adjustable top chimney and side damper vents with plastic tab guards for optimum temperature control. Large Nylon plastic door handle, 5 adjustable chrome plated cooking grates and meat hanger. Includes porcelain coated steel water pan and heavy duty steel wood chip box with lid. Square, wide stance legs for stability. Rotary igniter, heavy duty steel construction with easy assembly. Cast iron burner for long life. Will not rust. 1576-square inch of cooking area to smoke your favorite meats, fowl and fish Features heat saving easy access drawers with handle to access wood chip box and water pan without opening main chamber door Fully adjustable heat control with front door temperature gauge. adjustable top chimney and side damper vents with plastic tab guards for optimum temperature control Includes porcelain coated steel water pan and heavy duty Steel wood chip box with lid. Square, wide stance legs for stability. Rotary igniter, heavy duty Steel construction with easy assembly Cast iron burner for long life. will not rust Packaging - Brown Box w/color printRead More
Coyote Asado Built" Smoker Heat Resistant Ceramic Construction
Coyote Asado Built" Smoker Heat Resistant Ceramic Constructionby Coyote$999
Coyote Asado Built-in Smoker Heat Resistant Ceramic Construction Stainless Steel Smoking Grate with Sear and Grill Option Coyote Outdoor Living’s passion for design, value and the outdoor lifestyle is demonstrated in our outdoor culinary and entertainment products. We are dedicated to elevating and improving every moment spent, memory made, and bite or sip taken in outdoor spaces. Based in Dallas, Texas, Coyote Outdoor Living specializes in the design, development, and production of high-quality outdoor kitchen equipment. Coyote is committed to making outdoor kitchens an attainable reality for anyone who is passionate about cooking, entertaining or simply relaxing outdoors. We are proud to offer durable products at great values so we can enable all outdoor chefs and enthusiasts to build the outdoor kitchen of their dreams. Coyote Outdoor’s Asado Cooker is an extremely versatile outdoor appliance and will add value and enjoyment to every outdoor living experience. Not only can it be used for grilling, but also in baking pizzas and breads; smoking large cuts of meat at slow temperatures, as well as searing vegetables and fish with temperature controlled perfection. HIGH QUALITY DURABLE GRATE: Complete 304 stainless steel construction SEARING POWER: Adjustable venting to maintain precise cooking temperatures DURABILITY: Continuously welded stainless steel grill box with seamless, polished edges for durability All our features Heat-resistant ceramic construction Cast Pro-Style stainless steel Infinity Burners™, grates and component parts Double walled, stainless steel hood Continuous weld on the grill box with seamless edges Limited lifetime warranty on burners and stainless steel exterior Adjustable venting to maintain precise cooking temperatures Standard Coyote Signature Smoking Grate™ for perfect heat diffusion 254 sq. in. of cooking area Smoke, sear, grill option Independent burner ignition system Ready to Assemble Luxury design, lasting durability, and ready for your outdoor space. Our simplified construction process by uses a high-strength concrete panels (precast with a stone, wood or concrete face) that can be assembled in a few hours with a couple of people.Read More
If you’re a meat lover, nothing satisfies quite like sinking your teeth into a moist and tender cut of beef, poultry or fish. While you can enjoy such delights by dining out, you can just as easily create them at home with a smoker. With BBQ smokers, you can cook up flavor-infused brisket, chicken, ribs, pulled pork, fish and much more. Who wouldn’t want to come over for dinner and enjoy a smoky, barbecued meal? Whether you’re cooking in a competition or whipping up some home-smoked eats for the family, take a peek at these helpful tips to get started:

What kinds of BBQ smokers are available?

You’ve got your sights set on a mouthwatering barbecue recipe and it’s time to get smoking. When it comes to buying a smoker grill, there are a few items that you simply must have. These include easy to use temperature controls, thick metal, seals and insulation, a design that provides even heat, dampers that are easy to operate, and, of course, safety features like locking wheels. You’ll also want to consider what styles are out there and choose the one that best fits your needs:
• Ceramic: Also known as a kamado grill, these ceramic smokers date back thousands of years. Their unique design lets you do much more than smoke meats — you can grill and even bake pizzas with a kamado grill. They’re easy to use and require less fuel than pellet smokers, making them a great choice for beginners. Look for a model with a thick ceramic wall and hardware that resists corrosion.
• Pellet: Pellet smokers use wood pellets to heat and infuse meats or fish with that oh-so delicious smoky barbecue flavor. They’re the easiest style to use, especially since most models feature an electronic control that automatically adjusts the temperature and feeds the pellets onto the burner. Look for a pellet smoker made from thick-gauge steel that’s coated with a corrosion-resistant finish. A high-end model should also feature grease drip trays and electronic controls.
• Water: A water smoker uses heat from a fire plus steam from the water to cook your meat and keep it moist at the same time. They tend to be easy to use and do a great job of infusing meat with that great smoky flavor. You can find these working hard at most barbecue competitions.
• Horizontal: Also known as an offset smoker, this design features a firebox that’s attached to the side of the main cooking chamber. They’re great for smoking large amounts of meat and fish, though you may find that cuts placed closer to the firebox finish cooking faster than those that are farther away. If you do opt for an offset smoker, make sure you purchase one that’s made from thick metal and has tight-fitting doors and dampers. Some more expensive models may also feature a duct system that forces hot air through the length of the smokebox to cook food evenly. Another perk of more expensive models is the placement of the chimney on the same side as the firebox, which pulls the hot air across the top of your food.
• Drum: Also known as a barrel smoker, these resemble a large, industrial-looking drum. They feature ample space for smoking large quantities of meat or fish, and the design is perfect for allowing the heat and smoke to rise and evenly cook your food. Some designs even feature hooks to hang your meat on.

How can I get the most out of my new smoker grill?

So you’re ready to get started smoking, are you? If you’re a beginner or even a full-fledged grill master, we’ve got some great tips that will have you enjoying a savory, smoky meal in no time:
• Preparing your fuel: If you’re planning on using wood chunks, it’s important to prep them before you begin smoking by soaking them in water for at least an hour. If you’re using wood chips or aromatic woods, you can soak these for 30 minutes instead of a full hour. Once they’re done soaking, shake out all excess water before adding them to your fire. If you’re using charcoal, refrain from adding starter fluid as this can add an unpleasant chemical taste to your foods.
• Add in some water: Water is important for keeping meat and fish tender. Some smokers feature water pans, and if yours has one, you can play around with adding marinades, barbecue sauce, herbs and spices, juice and even wine or beer to your water. It’s important to keep the water pan full, so if you’re smoking a large quantity of meat or larger cuts, be sure to check the water levels and add more if needed. An easy way to add more water is to use a watering can.
• Get smokin’: Once your smoker is fully preheated, go ahead and place your food in the center of the grate just above the water pan if you have one. As they say, a watched pot never boils, so avoid peeking in at your meal while it’s cooking. This can release smoke and heat, which slows down your cooking process. A pro tip you may not have considered is to smoke your meats up to two days prior to serving. This allows that irresistible smoky flavor to build up and become richer as your food sits in the refrigerator.
• Check temperatures: Make sure you have a meat thermometer on hand to ensure your food is done but not overcooked. Simply eyeing up your finished product may be misleading since smoked foods can be pink or red even when they’re fully cooked.
• Enjoy your meal: Sit down with family and friends and savor your hard work. It’s a great idea to keep track of the different ingredients, wood types and amounts used plus your results in order to duplicate successful recipes or try new combinations in the future.

What types of woods work best in smokers?

There are a few go-to choices when it comes to wood pellets, but you shouldn’t be scared to try new combinations. Here are a few different choices you might try next time you get busy smoking:
• Mesquite: This wood is great for most meats and vegetables. It has a sweet, delicate flavor that’s similar to hickory. It does burn hot, so use caution.
• Maple: If you’re smoking ham, veggies or poultry, maple is a great choice. It infuses your food with a somewhat sweet and smoky flavor.
• Alder: The delicate flavors this wood provides are perfect for fish like salmon, sturgeon and swordfish. It’s also a great choice for pork and chicken.
• Wine barrel chips: You can add a uniquely wine-like, oaky flavor to beef, chicken and turkey with these wood chips. Try looking for some in specialty food stores or online.
• Herbs and spices: Try garlic, mint, citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and rosemary for a wide variety of flavors for veggies, fish and smaller cuts of meat.

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Smokers and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Smokers for sale, from brands like Cuisinart, Landmann, and A-MAZE-N Products, Inc., you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Smokers, like the the England's Stove Works Pellet Grill/Smoker - Direct/Non-Direct Grilling or the Cook King 111250 Berlin Garden Smokehouse, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Smokers online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.