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SomerTile Kings Star Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, Nero
SomerTile Kings Star Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, Nero
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Old-world European elegance radiates from our Kings Star Nero 17-5/8 in. x 17-5/8 in. Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, imported from Spain. Save time and labor spent arranging smaller square tiles and instead install these durable ceramic slabs, which have four 8-3/4 in. squares separated by scored grout lines. The defining feature of this encaustic-inspired tile is the unique, low-sheen glaze in beige tones with centered black stars in each square. Variation throughout each tile mimics an authentic aged appearance. Designed by interior architect and furniture designer Francisco Segarra, this tile is a true reflection of vintage industrial design. Realistic imitations of scuffs and spots that are the marks of well-loved, worn, century-old tile bring rustic charm to your interior. These rustic scuffs and spots convince that this tile is truly aged. There are 9 different variations available that are randomly scattered throughout each case. The scored grout lines can be grouted with the color of your choice to further customize your installation.
  • 10.95 square feet, 5 pieces per case. Case weight is 51.6 lbs.
  • Grade 1, first-quality ceramic tile for floor and wall use.
  • 17.63 in. width x 17.63 in. length x 0.42 in. thick
  • Glazed, slightly textured finish with a low sheen and moderate variation in tone
  • P.E.I. Rating IV has high resistance to abrasion and is suitable for heavy-duty residential and commercial kitchens, hotels, exhibition and sales rooms with some dirt conditions
  • Semi-Vitreous tiles have water absorption of more than 3% but less than 7% for indoor use
  • C.O.F. less than or equal to .5 is considered to have a marginally low skid resistance.
  • Not frost resistant
  • Commercial and Residential use
SomerTile Kings Star Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, NeroBy SomerTile
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$16.79/sq ft.
Est. Delivery: Aug. 15 - Aug. 26 (to )
sq ft.

1 box covers 10.95 sq ft.

1 box

Total: $183.84

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  • 18"x18"
  • 18x18
  • beige
  • black
  • ceramic
  • floor tile
  • geometric
  • indoor
  • midcentury
  • pattern
  • patterned tile
  • rustic
  • square tile
  • star
  • wall tile
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