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Peel and Stick Metal Backsplash Tile Puzzle Brush Silver 12"x12, A16033
Peel and Stick Metal Backsplash Tile Puzzle Brush Silver 12"x12, A16033by Art3d LLC
$7.50/sq ft.
Art3d Peel and Stick Metal Backsplash Tile Sticker is made of Aluminum PVC Composite with self-adhesive substrate. It has the characteristics of high-impact, water and moisture proof, heat resistant, stain resistant, anti-scratch and easy to maintain. Aluminum mosaic tiles are a favorite among designers and architects worldwide because of their durability, clean and unobtrusive look and smooth structure. The glue, grout those hassles don't involved for installation, just peel and stick, cut with tin snips simply, it's typically designed for kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, living room, fireplace, stair riser etc. where requires a gorgeous and fast transformation. For cutting, below tools are recommended - Jig saw or chop saw (Top recommended) - Hack saw - Hole saw or coping saw (for circular cuts or electrical outlet cutouts only). Below are some of ideal surfaces to install Peel and Stick Tiles: - Painted gypsum (after a 21-day curing time for fresh paint) - Smooth ceramic tile - Wall panel (acrylic) - Wall linoleum - Mirror - Wallpaper (if some corners are peeling, just peel them off and install over them). Not recommended surfaces: Dusty and Porous Surfaces: Stucco wall, brick wall, stone wall, unfinished wall (gypsum or plaster), unpainted plywood Uneven Surfaces and Walls with Reliefs (raised or textured) A dented, damaged surface or one with reliefs, like uneven ceramic backsplash tiles is not recommendedRead More