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Kitchen Timers and Thermometers

Time and temperature are crucial measurements in the culinary world. Kitchen timers will ensure you don’t burn your meal, while a food thermometer will let you know your meat is thoroughly cooked. Using these two kitchen-specific measuring tools together will help you master your favorite recipes, so read on to find out which kitchen timer or cooking thermometer or will work best for your culinary creations.

What features are included in a kitchen timer?

Mechanical kitchen timers generally wind up and let you time anything up to an hour. They can be very basic looking or playful, like a cow or chicken, and always make a very satisfying “ding” sound when the time is up. If you are looking to time multiple dishes, try an easy-to-read digital timer that lets you set numerous countdowns, even to the exact second. Specialized options, like an egg timer or teatimer, are programmed to help you make a perfectly boiled egg or cup of tea.

What type of food thermometer do I need?

Undercooked meat can be dangerous to eat, so an accurate digital meat thermometer is a must if you cook lots of roasts or steaks. If you’re impatient, look for an instant-read thermometer to get quick results. If sugary sweets are your thing, a candy thermometer is super handy to know which stage the sugar solution is in. A sugar thermometer can also be used to measure hot oil in deep fryers. Older stoves, which can be less accurate in their temperature settings, benefit from an oven thermometer to guarantee accurate cooking temperatures. A BBQ or grill thermometer is ideal for knowing how hot your grill is getting — don’t burn those burgers!

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