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Toilet Plungers and Holders

Let’s face it: we’ve all been challenged by a blocked toilet at least once. While it may seem easier (and perhaps less messy) to call a plumber, you can avoid exorbitant fees by taking on that clog yourself with a handy dandy plunger. While not in use, you can tuck your helpful plunger away inside a more appealing holder. While plungers tend to look fairly industrial, toilet plunger holders come in a wide range of colors, styles and designs that complement your bathroom décor.

If you’re about to go to battle against a clogged toilet, here are a few easy steps to follow to achieve clog-free status once again:
• Step 1: Arm yourself with your plunger. It’s your secret weapon that’s been hidden inside that toilet plunger holder all along. Approximately 90 percent of clogs can be magically undone with the help of plungers, so this is a convenient tool indeed. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use your toilet plunger in combination with drain cleaning chemicals as they can splash up out of the toilet bowl.
• Step 2: Plunge your toilet. Have the rubber flange on your toilet plunger pulled out so you can achieve a better seal. Make sure there’s just enough water in the bowl to cover your plunger, no more and no less. Push in and out, making sure not to break the seal — your first plunge should be gentle but after that you can be more forceful. Sometimes 15 to 20 plunges are required to clear a clog. It’s also a good idea to have towels and cleaner handy to mop up any spills.
• Step 3: Put your toilet to the test. A test for that nuisance clog, that is. It’s important to not flush the toilet just yet. If a clog remains after you’ve used your plunger, you could find yourself mopping up a flood off your floor. Instead, find the flapper valve inside your tank and lift it slightly to allow a cup or two of water into the bowl, then see if the water goes down. If it drains, congratulations, you’ve successfully cleared your clog! If it doesn’t drain, continue plunging or try a snake. If all else fails, it’s probably time to call a plumber.

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