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Traditional Kitchen Countertops

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1.5" Thick Maple Edge Grain Countertop, Varnique Semi-Gloss, 18"l
1.5" Thick Maple Edge Grain Countertop, Varnique Semi-Gloss, 18"lby Boos Blocks(2)
Butcher Block Countertops - Edge-Grain Maple, 1-1/2" Thick Give yourself a gift that will keep on giving. Naturally beautiful and durable maple butcher block countertops perform double duty, serving as your kitchen's primary work surface as well as a stylish focal point. They add beauty and warmth and are sure to make the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable. These countertops are edge-grain style, meaning that all wood strips run the entire length of the countertop. This provides an especially clean look that shows off the virtues of maple: soft, neutral tones; fine, tight grain patterns; and uniform appearance. Wood Countertops Crafted Of Hard Rock Maple And Built To Last We trust John Boos Co. of Effingham, IL to make our maple countertops. They've been manufacturing butcher block for more than a century and use only the finest North American hardwood. Rock maple is a stiff, dense wood, so it's strong enough to withstand tough everyday tasks like chopping vegetables. But lightly sanded, it provides a smooth, easy-to-use work surface that's perfect for rolling pastry dough, for instance. Most people choose a Natural Oil finish and add Boos Mystery Oil or Boos Board Cream with Beeswax to their orders. Reapplying oil or cream monthly will sustain the luster and longevity of butcher block. Most scars and stains can be resolved by lightly sanding the affected area with a fine grit sand paper, then applying oil or cream. If instead, you seek a fine-furniture look for your counters and do not intend to cut directly upon them, consider a Varnique semi-gloss varnish-like finish. It's virtually maintenance free! Our maple butcher block counter tops come in thicknesses of 1.5", 1.75", 2.25" and 3". Standard-size lengths range from 12" to 145", and widths range from 25" to 48". Countertops Features: Made by John Boos Co. in the USA Hard Rock Maple, Edge-Grain Construction Finish Options: Natural Oil or Varnique Semi-Gloss Thickness: 1.5" Width: 25" Lengths from 12" to 145" Note Cutting into a countertop (e.g., trimming its length or width or executing miter cuts or cutouts) will void the manufacturer's warranty. Note In countertops 96" and longer, some wood rails might not span the full length of the countertop. In such cases, some wood pieces might be finger-jointed together and metal fasteners might be used to add structural strength.Read More
3" Thick Maple End Grain Countertop, 24"x25"
3" Thick Maple End Grain Countertop, 24"x25"by Boos Blocks
Maple Butcher Block Counter & Island Tops In Classic End Grain Style Rock maple is the most popular species of North American hardwood used in making butcher block countertops. Its fine grain pattern and neutral color palette make it suitable for virtually any kitchen decor. Plus maple tends to be least expensive among the hardwood. If you like naturally beautiful maple (and who doesn't?), but you're after a distinctive look, then end-grain maple butcher block might be just the ticket. In the making of an end-grain butcher's board, short pieces of wood standing on their ends and arranged in a grid-like pattern are bonded together under high pressure and heat. The result is a block that resembles a natural checkerboard, as gorgeous as it is strong and durable. End-Grain Butcher Block Has Advantages Other Than Its Great Looks Since the surface of an end grain board is comprised of the fibrous ends of short wood strips (hence the name, end grain), it's resilient yet forgiving. Knife blades essentially slide between wood fibers as the board absorbs the blow of the knife. That's what makes end-grain boards perfect for heavy-duty slicing and chopping. Plus they help keep knives from dulling, leaving them sharper longer. Butcher Block Island Tops by John Boos, The Leading Name In Butcher Blocks Since its founding in 1887, Boos & Co. has been converting select hardwood into work tables originally embraced by blacksmiths, then by butchers and later by bakers. Nowadays cooking enthusiasts from professional chefs to home cooks trust Boos for kitchen furniture and wood countertops in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For example, these exquisite maple end-grain counters come in thicknesses of 2.25, 3, 4 and 7 inches; in lengths up to 60"; and in widths up to 38".Create A Custom Butcher Block Countertop That's Perfect For Your Kitchen If a standard size won't get the job done, you can order custom butcher block counters for your kitchen. Simply select a species, a grain style and a thickness, then specify length and width and choose one of five classic edge options. The online process is quick and easy and can be completed online or over the phone. Features: *Made by John Boos & Co. in the USA *Hard Rock Maple, End-Grain Style *Finish: Natural Oil *Thickness: 3" *Standard Sizes: from 24"L x 25"W up to 60"L x 38"W *Optional 4"-High Backsplashes Note: This end-grain countertop comes standard with the Boos logo centered on the edges of both long sides. If you prefer NOT to have the Boos logo stamped on your counter top, you must indicate so in the "comments" section during checkout. Note: The manufacturer recommends against any type of modification to an end-grain countertop. Cutting into a countertop (e.g., trimming its length or width or executing miter cuts or cutouts) will void the manufacturer's warranty. Should you desire a custom size, a miter cut or a cutout, consider calling for pricing on factory-warranted custom cuts.Read More
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