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RoyElle CookWare Premium 12 inch Aluminum Crepe Pan Kit
RoyElle CookWare Premium 12 inch Aluminum Crepe Pan Kitby RoyElle
For over 40 years, the manufacture of RoyElle Cookware has been producing the highest quality food grade aluminum cookware. Each product is made of hand casted, melted down, pure aluminum blocks and each piece undergoes a physical inspection process. This meticulous process ensures that the we maintain a 100% production quality and food safety standards rating. Our experience with the conductive characteristics of aluminum as an effective heat storage and rapid, uniform thermal transfer metal is what sets Royelle Cookware apart from our competition. Our sophisticated products and electric plates are the best on the market and exceed international safety regulations and inspection standards. Your purchase also includes these The RoyElle Cookware accessories: - 18 Inch Crepe Flipper/Spatula Premium Pine Wood - 4 inch Crepe Spreader made of High Quality Beechwood - 1 Heat protective handle cover, this slides right onto the pan handle for ultimate protection and comfort. 1 Protective Crepe pan cover, to ensure your pan stays in new condition forever! Don't pass up this incredible money saving deal. Make fancy restaurant quality breakfast crepes, or something new for dinner tonight with this money saving RoyElle Cookware complete Aluminum Crepe pan cooking kit! 1. The 12 Inch Pan is 100% Handmade and Crafted with pure aluminum(non stick). You're looking at the best quality you can find! 2. You will receive 5 high quality items in this wonderful kit : 1 handmade aluminum pan, 1 handle cover, 1 crepe flipper, 1 crepe spreader, 1 pan case/cover 3. All wood products are made from premium beechwood, and engraved with the beautiful RoyElle logo. We can ensure you are receiving nothing but quality! 4. These are all the high quality, handmade, premium tools you will need in your kitchen to make your gourmet crepes you've been craving! 5. Don't miss out on Royelle's beautiful kitchen cookware! Buy now, and enjoy today!Read More