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Tropical Artwork

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Florida Landscape Painting, tropical wall art, large original fine art
Florida Landscape Painting, tropical wall art, large original fine art
Wetlands is an original 30x40 tropical Florida landscape acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas. The warm afternoon sun shines across the open wetlands of Florida. The big sky casts its reflection on the still water of the grasslands. Stands of trees and palms scatter across the landscape. The pinkish hue near the horizon speaks of the hot, humid air of mid-afternoon. "As I painted this one-of-a-kind landscape, I used high quality acrylic paints on gallery wrap canvas, painted around the edges to create a continuation of the image on all sides. It is signed by me, the artist, and is ready to hang as the perfect tropical focal point of your room. It will be shipped fully insured and packaged with great care." Homeowners seek out an original Alan Zawacki tropical seascape or landscape painting to create a dramatic focal point of color, peacefulness, tropical ambiance and artistic excellence. Alan specializes in painting large and smaller size tropical seascapes and landscapes of Florida and the Caribbean. He has been a professional artist for over 25 years. His award winning work has been featured in many juried group exhibitions as well as one-man gallery shows. Nicknamed, "The Tropical Artist" by his friends and customers, Alan Zawacki feels fortunate to have frequent opportunities to travel throughout the Caribbean and to now live among the abundant natural beauty of Sarasota. Alan's paintings reflect his passion for the warm, pristine beaches, seascapes, landscapes, and colorful foliage of these lush, tropical areas. His philosophy is that his work is at its best when it brings others a sense of joy, peace, energy, and appreciation of nature. Individuals who collect Alan's work say they feel transported to the place itself.Read More
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