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Tropical Wall Decals

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Palm Tree Fabric Wall Decal With Monkey
Palm Tree Fabric Wall Decal With Monkeyby Sunny Decals
This beautiful palm tree fabric wall decal comes with a monkey and a patch of grass. Just peel and stick the palm tree wall decal onto any surface and - presto - you'll have your own indoor jungle in no time at all. Each of these custom decals are made with love and will make any room in your home instantly more fun. All you have to do is peel them off and start sticking. It's so easy that even your little explorer can help decorate! Sunny Decals offers a wide selection of jumbo sized fabric wall decals and wall stickers for nurseries, kids rooms, playrooms, schools, and more. We use the highest quality fabric materials and eco friendly inks unlike most of the stores online that use toxic vinyl. Our wall decals are easy to apply and do not require any special tools or transfer paper. Our material will not shrink or tear and they can be repositioned many times without leaving any sticky residue on your walls. We have a wide variety of themes and we are constantly adding new ones to our collection. STILL NOT CONVINCED WHY FABRIC WALL DECALS ARE SUPERIOR TO VINYL? The material for our fabric wall decals is many times more expensive than vinyl but it's worth the extra cost. It's made of natural fibers and a water based adhesive so it won't damage your walls and can be repositioned many times. It's extremely easy to install because it doesn't come in a complicated puzzle and you don't need any tools or diagrams. It won't shrink or curl like vinyl and the matte finish looks like a mural has been painted on your walls. We have the most competitively priced fabric wall decals that you can find online. Our quality is unmatched and we hope that you love our designs as much as we do! High quality fabric material with a water based adhesive, this is not cheap vinyl like most of the decals you find online Proudly made in the USA - Non-toxic, Phthalates free, BPA free, PVC free Reusable, repositionable, material will not shrink, stretch, or curl. Our fabric decals will work on most surfaces including textured walls Easy to apply with no special tools or transfer paper required. Can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation.Read More