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Ube Smart System
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Another cool product that makes home automation minimal and also portable is a new system called Ube (pronounced you-be). The idea is that you can control just about any Internet-connected device in your home — from thermostats to garage doors to home entertainment systems — with your smartphone.
Why Designing Your A Life for Portability is a Great Idea
Minimal is good. Everybody talks about minimalism but hardly anybody does anything about it. The goal is comfort and happiness. And having less stuff, less clutter is good for your mind.
Mobility gives you peace of mind. The knowledge that you could move, either to the other side of the country or to the other side of town — or to another country, if you wanted to — gives you a similar level of peace as having savings in the bank or good insurance. Maximizing options in your life minimizes stress.
Save money on “stuff” and storage. Overconsumption is a big waste of money. That storage unit you’re paying for, or all that unnecessary stuff you’ll be marketed into buying over the next few years will cost real money. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on something better — say, a vacation to India or a professional-level baking course? Nobody plans to buy too much stuff, then store it forever. It just happens. And it’s expensive.
You might actually want to move. Most people move at some point. If you’ve got a house full of kids, the day will come when they go off to seek their fame and fortunes, leaving you with a huge house. You’ll probably want to downsize, and if you haven’t spent the last 20 years accumulating too much stuff, the move will be far less traumatic. More to the point, you could be surprised one day by an incredible career opportunity that involves moving to New York City, or you may realize that since you’re working from home, you might as well buy an old Italian farmhouse and work from there. The old model of buying the biggest house you can afford, then filling it to the rafters with stuff is based on the now-obsolete expectation of lifetime employment at the same company in the same building. Stuff happens, and streamlining your life makes you ready for anything.
It’s easier to give, share and upgrade. It’s easy to think short-term about your objects of home design and decoration. But most of these things have multiple lives. You buy a couch, and five years later want to send it off to college with your daughter. But if that couch is too big for her dorm, you can’t do it. Minimizing the size of things you guy maximizes the options for what happens to it when you’re ready to replace it.

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