Unique Fire and water feature
Unique Fire and water feature
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This was a unique water and fire feature I designed and built for a client in a small downtown condo. Very limited access. Everything had to come in and out of the small man door on the garage. I created this with two different and distinct water features. The more subdued feature showcases a large slab of very unique stone that has a rough texture to it. I carefully, cut and separated it into two vertical slabs. Water evenly pours down the face of these stone slabs from the steel troughs at the top of the stones. Up lighting at the bottom of the stones, illuminates the water as it sheets down the stone adding a sense of motion. The second water feature is a rain curtain that pours out in front of the slabs from between the cross beam of the pergola. There is a splash mat to catch the water and eliminate any splash. This element is also well illuminated and is very dramatic. They are switched independently, so the client can choose to have one or both on together. finally, we did not have room in the limited space for a full sized fire pit, so we designed in a fire trough, placed at the front of the feature. This allows for a very unique, and modern play on the traditional fire pit, while allowing some much needed space to stretch out. Please excuse the poor quality pictures. These were taken the final day of the project and during clean up with a cheap I-phone 3 camera. I will post some updated (better quality images of this feature in late spring).
Project and Photo: Tim Ryan

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