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USPS Bobi Classic Mailbox With Round Mailbox Post, Red
USPS Bobi Classic Mailbox With Round Mailbox Post, Red
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  • *This listing and listing price is for both the mailbox and the mailbox post.
  • "Bobi mailboxes are beautiful and practical at the same time.”
Bobi mailboxes are a good examples of Finnish design and product quality. Timeless design combined with large capacity and durable construction give the mailboxes an elegant appearance and store the mail securely for days. Freestanding or wall-mounted, Bobi mailboxes are easily fixed in any surroundings
  • Bobi Mailboxes Quality
Durable steel construction. Bobi mailboxes are made of stainless steel (stainless models only) or zinc plated steel covered with a polyester coating to weather all the elements. The steel is 20 Gauge (1mm) thick with double layers at the corners for superior strength. Spacious and Secure. The 10.25" wide incoming mail slot easily accepts large envelopes and magazines, and the large capacity will hold a week's worth of mail. The mail slot will accept USPS #1096 Small Priority boxes and also USPS 12 1/2 x9 1/2" Flat rate and Priority envelopes. Cylinder Lock. A cylinder lock secures the access door. 2 keys are included. Extra keys, duplicates, or replacements are available. Freestanding or Wall mounted for beauty and practicality all at the same time. Bobi Mailboxes are easily fixed to a wall, fence, or a matching stand.
  • Bobi is Approved by the Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service.
If your home mailbox is located at your curbside it is regulated by the United States Postal Service and must meet certain requirements established by USPS. Disclaimer: Bobi and Bonbobi are limited service mailboxes (without flag) and it is only intended for customers who do not want postal carries to pick-up their out-going mail. Unless Postal Carries have mail to deliver they will not stop at limited service mailboxes.
  • About Bobiround Stands
When a stand is needed Bobiround is the matching answer. The Bobiround stand is made of one solid piece of 1.5" steel tube and is ready to be installed into the ground right out of the box.


  • Tube height: 5'5"
  • Tube diameter: 1.5
  • About Bobi’s Durable materials
  • Hardwearing Bobis are made of stainless steel or zinc-plated steel which is covered with a polyester coating. They are manufactured to function well and stay good-looking for years.
  • Don’t settle for an ordinary mailbox. A Bobi Mailbox will compliment your fine home and make a great first impression on your visitors.
  • Bobiround stands are manufactured in matching colors.
  • Bobi Mailbox Easy Installation
  • Bobi mailboxes are easily installed and they can be mounted to a wall, fence or into ground. Here you will find detailed instructions for installing Bobi mailboxes to the wall or into the ground with a matching mailbox stand. You'll also find installation instructions for mailbox groups. USPS instructions for curbside delivery installation are also included.
USPS Bobi Classic Mailbox With Round Mailbox Post, RedBy Bobi Mailboxes
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