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Wrought Iron Natural Victorian Keys Garden Trellis
Wrought Iron Natural Victorian Keys Garden Trellisby Wrought Iron Haven
DescriptionWrought Iron Natural Victorian Keys Garden Trellis :: Our tripod trellises start out natural, with no finish, and will rust over time with normal outdoor weathering. These are made to support and display climbing plants such as shrubs, grapevines, clematis, ivy, and roses or other support based growing plants. Degree of current rust may vary at the time of your shipment. When you are decorating your home, do not neglect the outdoors! Your garden can look just as good as the interior of your home with a wrought iron trellis. These enchanting additions can enhance your yard’s natural beauty. The black wrought iron design won’t pull away from your garden’s eye-catching contents, but rather help highlight and enhance them. Unlike other materials, an iron garden trellis can withstand the elements and bad weather. You won’t have to worry about the metal rotting over time. Your guests will adore the look of your plants with these enchanting additions! This elegant Victorian keys trellis stands at about 58 inches tall. Each garden ornament is made in the United States. Build up your garden and pull it all together by purchasing more than one decorative trellis. When you order in larger quantities, you can save money because you spend less on each unit! Every black trellis comes in a well balanced tripod design and is finished in a sturdy powder coating. The result is an attractive garden treasure you will adore for years! Your guests will love your good taste and your green thumb they may even want one for themselves. Order more and give them as elegant gifts!Product Specifications Item Height: 58 In. Item Width: 1 In.Item Length: 4 In. Product Weight: 47 ozColor: flat blackPackaging: Product is sold Individually (you are purchasing one item)Material: wrought iron containing alloys of .01% to .29% carbon and ironFinish: Hand crafted wrought iron for indoor or outdoor use. (heavy duty metal) in a flat powder coating finish :: lead free, long lasting & rust resistantCountry: MADE in the USA :: Supporting United States craftsman.Read More