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Cumulus Modular Decorative Screen Panel, Single
Cumulus Modular Decorative Screen Panel, Singleby OUTDECO USA(1)
Our OUTDECO products are decorative modular screen panels made of a sustainable composite hardwood material called Weathertex. Weathertex is a leading product used in building siding and features a proprietary manufacturing process of combining Australian hardwood and wax throughout the entire board. CUMULUS is part of the new 90%+ (High Privacy / Blockout) range. It's circular lines create a light fluffy organic movement across the surface that is reminiscent of fluffy white clouds or layers of foliage. It is both an architectural statement, yet subtle and complimentary within a planted outdoor space. The privacy/ blockout is almost total, making a perfect solution for high privacy or cladding type applicarions like cladding planter boxes, retainers, etc. OUTDECO GardenScreen is a versatile DIY/Trade product open to your imagination and interpretation. OUTDECO GardenScreen is a timber product, so it can be drilled, screwed, nailed or glued with products intended for timber. OUTDECO GardenScreen is a decorative screen/cladding and is not a structural product. Therefore it must be supported by a frame or structure. The vast majority of our customers enjoy the natural color of the product, but its also easy to coat in a color of your choice. OUTDECO GardenScreen comes with a water-born UV decking preseal. This can be enhanced with subsequent coats of decking seal or stain (to your liking), or exterior rated paints.Read More
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