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Wallpaper Borders

The right wallpaper border can have the same finishing effect on a space as crown molding or chair rails, but at a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can even mimic various types of molding with borders designed specifically for that purpose. Try a paintable wallpaper border that actually has three-dimensional details to trick the eye into thinking it’s real trim work; you’ll get the same look for much cheaper and it’s less permanent in the (highly likely) event that you change your mind down the road.

The fun in wallpaper borders is that you can go as bold or as subtle as you choose. To make a dramatic statement, pick one that contrasts with your current wall color, wallpaper or furnishings. For a subtler approach, choose a design that is just slightly different than the wall color to add a bit of visual interest without feeling too crazy. For a middle ground, go for a design that coordinates with another element of the space, but doesn’t steal the show, like a simple pattern with similar colors.

In terms of placement, you can draw the eye up by placing a border at the top of the wall, or put it part way up for an accent that’s sure to start a conversation. To break free of traditional border wallpaper uses, try one of these tactics to create an interesting design without breaking the bank:

Add It to the Ceiling: Achieve high style by adding a wallpaper border to the ceiling. This can simply be a fun accent or a way to create a faux tray-ceiling effect.

Create a Frame: Add depth to a space and define the walls by creating multiple frames like you would with typical molding. You can also frame out doorways and windows with a thinner wall border to enhance or replace trim work.

Theme It Out: Pick a theme for your room and run with it. There are plenty of unique, quirky and fun border designs that are ideal for a themed-out space, like a kid’s room or nursery. Try placing them along the bottom of the wall for a clever twist.

Commit to Wallpaper, Sort Of: Perhaps you love a certain wallpaper but don’t want to commit to the entire wall, or your budget limits you to a certain amount. Run the wallpaper in smaller strips to create a vertical or horizontal border. If you love it, great! If it ends up not being quite your thing, no big deal.

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