We began by bringing some blooming teas and a tea kettle to a gift shop in Rochester, NY during the Thanksgiving holidays in 2005, and we were quickly surrounded by eager shoppers. Within a few short hours, we had to drive back home to get more supplies. A little girl and her grandma stood in front of our table for the longest time, savoring the tea and marveling at the beauty of the blossoms… and that was how teaposy found its way into the hearts of its very first customers.

Since then, customers have returned to us with their stories of how teaposy has cheered their friends, comforted patients, touched mothers' hearts...

We hope our products help our customers enjoy quality time, alone or in the warm company of others. That is our sincerest goal

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Business Name: Teaposy
Address: 1900 Clinton Ave. S, Rochester, NY 14618
Phone Number: (800) 962-7679
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