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Howdy and Welcome to The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company!

Our windmill fans are unique and handcrafted in the heart of Texas. Each fan is constructed of durable, steel, and lightweight aluminum making existing supports and electrical service perfect for simple installation. Perfect for interior or exterior placements.
Homes, businesses, restaurants, and event spaces. Whether you are looking for a rustic windmill ceiling fan, farmhouse, modern or contemporary we have the design for you.

Easy Installation - standard ceiling supports and electrical
Each fan is unique and one of a kind
Handcrafted and American made
Eighteen Blades for optimal balancing (14 blades on the 46")
Available in 46", 52", 60", 66", 72", 84" and 96" diameter sizing
Efficient motor integration design
None or minimal assembly required
Constructed only of quality steel and aluminum
Multiple Speeds
Free consultation and advice
The accessory Kit includes everything needed for installation
Family owned and operated
Endless Custom Finishes
Fan weight is approx 40 to 60lbs depending on the size and finish
Real Windmill design for great historical airflow

We are the only Windmill Ceiling Fan Company that provides the unique aluminum lightweight design and custom finishes. Please view our Client Photos for previous work.

Note: Our fans are not mass-produced. Each of our windmill ceiling fans are hand-crafted, they might have slight variances and the rings may not be perfectly round or flat, very similar to an actual windmill in a pasture.

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Business Name: The Windmill Ceiling Fan Company
Address: 12000 St John Rd, Pilot Point, TX 76258
Phone Number: (972) 834-5555
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