Brew Express is considered to be a multifunctional appliance that provides a solution to the daily coffee maker, tea kettle, microwaved water, and instant hot. It provides a single product with the advantages of each of these products all into one product. Designed by a home-builder, Brew Express saves counter space and provides the consumer an easy to use product that can make a great cup/carafe of coffee, or just hot water for any hot beverage need. The great thing is that it not only is able to make a hot beverage, you no longer need to add the water to use it. Brew Express is just like an ice maker, you no longer have to fill it. Just load your coffee grounds and push “Brew” to make your beverage. The patented Brew Express has been tested to a commercial quality so the product will withstand a long term daily use to insure the consumers will love not having to replace it every year like all other products. Saving space is a key benefit to the product line as it can be installed into a standard wall cavity of a home, or placed on a counter top.

Areas Served
United States and Canada

Certifications and Awards
Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) - Best New Kitchen Product.
K+BB Magazine - Product Innovator Award.
Best New Product - Coffee Fest Seattle
SCAA - Specialty Coffee Association of Amercia
UL- Tested & Approved for Commercial and Residential Use
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