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Charleston, SC
Heatworks has developed an electric tankless water heater that heats water instantly, without a storage reservoir, as well as eliminates failure modes such as heating element scaling, leaking, and flow switches. Our revolutionary technology heats the water through direct resistance heating technology using the natural resistance and electroconductivity of water against the graphite electrodes we run current through. This allows us to deliver the safest, fastest, and most energy efficient hot water to the consumer while simultaneously conserving water and energy. The water heater itself is 12.5” x 6.5” about 8 lbs and can be controlled by your phone through Bluetooth and Wifi. We have set ourselves apart in the water heater industry with multiple new standards that have not existed before Heatworks. We bring 4 new applications to the market for the tankless electric water heater market. Though different, each application focuses on the same revolutionary ability. That focus is the ability to accept preheated water and further heat it to desired temperatures. Our website goes into detail for every application that has this capability--In-line Booster, In-line Remote Booster, In-line Turbocharger, and Solar Booster. Another way we set ourselves apart are our energy standards, receiving an energy efficiency rating of 99% which corresponds with the new NAECA III Act implemented by the DOE on April 15th 2015. Unfortunately, for previous tank style owners of 55+ gallons, the only way to retrofit their existing system to meet the standard without replacing the system would be to implement a new heat pump suggested by the DOE. This pump is over $2,000 and needs to be connected to power, along with your water heater, as well as requiring duct work additions for the exhaust and condensate line. Existing tank style customers will have to choose between this option or other efficient water heaters. Fortunately for us, electric tankless water heaters have a horrible reputation of failing often. This is due to their method of heating water through heating elements, use of flow switches, and constant maintenance. Here at Heatworks, we took the initiative to solve all of those problems. We didn’t just stop there. We made the water heater an enjoyable consumer experience with the ability to control it through Wifi and Bluetooth, instantaneous heating of water, +/- 1 degree F of temperature control, compact size, and 25-40% savings on energy annually.
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