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With Over 35+ Years of Experience in the Ventilation Industry, Windster Range Hood, Inc. Manufacturer continues to design and provide a new level of value and innovation in the Ventilation Industry in which all categories in performance, safety and "easy-to-use" settings have been surpassed. Windster Hoods has had a professionally unique ability to design and manufacture residential range hoods that are safe, quiet, powerful, yet easy to operate for the daily user. Our high performance residential range hoods are safety approved by the C.E.C standards, and CSA guidelines of the United States and Canada, conforming to all governmental and regulatory codes. With a combined 35+ years experience in the Ventilation Industry, via OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Windster Hoods continues to show its consistent commitment to design precise craftsmanship products to complete any dream kitchen. Carrying various types of styles for each application, Windster Hoods produces model series such as Islands, Wall-Mounts, Under-cabinets, and Inserts. Our products are constructed with a focus on safety and functionality, featuring seamless edges, single-piece designs, and impeccable craftsmanship. Over the last decade Windster Hoods has established its name as the top leading Taiwan Range Hood Manufacturer in the United States.

In order to provide our customers with a smoke-free environment as well as a beautiful kitchen, we've devoted ourselves into combining power with beauty and molding them into an elegantly looking range hood. The beauty, the style, the craftsmanship, all mixed together. The result is nothing less than irresistible. "When Windster is ON, the smoke is gone" -Windster Hoods, Inc-

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Services Provided
Live support representatives are available to answer and resolve any questions or concerns a customer may encounter. Also, trained in-home technicians are dispatched daily to resolve service calls within 48hrs. Windster Hoods primary Office, Warehouse and Service Dispatch are located East of Los Angeles in the City of Industry, California. Each product is guaranteed and supported by its 2 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty.

Areas Served
Leading commitment on providing unrivaled in-home customer service support in all lower 48 Contiguous States.

Certifications and Awards
Windster Hoods maintains C.E.C, and CSA guideline certified to meet the highest of standards in safety, performance, and County Code Inspection Regulations.

Business Name: Windster Hoods
Address: 17955 Ajax Cir, City of Industry, CA 91748
Phone Number: (909) 464-9677
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