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Is the scope of your home design project beyond simply replacing countertops or flooring? It’s the responsibility of a Knotts Island home architect to transform human needs and desires into visual concepts and habitable structures. When you hire an architectural designer, you are not only hiring someone for their architectural services, but also to manage and coordinate other parties involved in the project. As you search through Knotts Island, NC interior architects and designers, keep in mind the following tips to help you choose the perfect one: More
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    Jeffrey Lees is a sole proprietor architect with over thirty years experience specializing in the design of additi...

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    At D.W. Chase Architecture we are passionate about design, built around a collaborative, client-driven, creative p...

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  • The team at Beacon Architecture is made up of passionate professionals who share the common goal to provide innova...

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    Esprit Design specializes in architecture and interior design for coastal living. My business objective is to lis...

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  • The Design Firm renowned along the Eastern Seaboard for their revolutionary coastal designs. We specialize in coas...

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    GARC provides architecture, interior, and landscape design services. Our specialties include aging-in-place, full...

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  • RBA is the leading residential design firm in Hampton Roads Virginia. We utilize a unique inclusive design proces...

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  • Coastal Home Design firm specializing in Residential Design and Remodeling on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. S...

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  • Architectural Services.

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  • Featherlite Coaches is the premier line of luxury motor coaches in America, featuring two distinctive luxury coach...

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Featured Reviews for Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers

Jeffrey Lees, Architect
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Jul 26, 2013
“We hired Jeff to develop a design for the remodeling of the downstairs of our then 80-year-old house. He did a superb job of designing a new entry, rearranging the flow of the house, and integrating the best aspects of the house's existing features, Jeff was attentive to our needs and desires. He as also cognizant of our budget. Our neighborhood organization has an annual contest that awards prizes for the best designed home improvements, and Jeff's redesign was selected as the best for that year. We subesquently had Jeff design a replacedment garage and then design the remodeling of our upstairs rooms. On all our projects, Jeff was involved from the design to the construction supervision. He did a fabulous job, and we would recommend him highly.”
Dream Builders Construction & Development
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Jul 26, 2019
“Kept us informed on everything. Great follow up on requests. Meticulous. Builds a fine house with attention to detail. Easy to work with. Very accessible.”
Lee Kartis Building Design
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Apr 9, 2016
“I've worked with Lee Kartis for several years and he is simply OUTSTANDING! He is an excellent visionary and has always made improvements to our designs continuously. He is a master in using Goggle SketchUp. He's fairly priced and ALWAYS meets his deliverable timelines. I would high recommend Lee for any projects!”
Sound Home Builders Inc.
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Jul 20, 2014
“When my husband and I decided to look for a place to build our final home where there were still four seasons but without the ‘extremes’ (too hot; too cold; too much snow), with access to the water and other recreational amenities, we found Albemarle Plantation (AP) located near a sleepy little town called Hertford, North Carolina. The moment we drove into this gated community, we felt at home and knew this would be a great place to live. In addition to friendly residents, AP sports both a marina and a golf course, and is located off a small river leading to the Albemarle Sound that offers protection from storms. We thought this Inner Banks location would be ideal for us and our boat. When we sold our home in MD and moved into a rental house in AP, we started our search for the builder who would construct what we planned to be our final home. AP provided us with a list of builders that were 'recommended' and we began our interview process. We started with the residents themselves and soon learned that Sound Home Builders was a name that continually popped up due to the attention to detail and quality construction of the homes they built. We toured several beautiful homes at AP built by different builders. But, we found, even residents who didn't have their homes built by Sound Home Builders recommended them! We met with Sound Home Builders in August, 2013. We had just a vague notion of the house we wanted. They worked with us to develop detailed plans and to explore design options. We signed a contract in mid-December, 2013, and the construction of our house began on schedule on January 6, 2014. We have watched the daily progress of the build since we are renting a house within walking distance. When we met with Ron & Michele (the owners of the company), they asked us what was the most important thing we were looking for in our new home. We told them quality construction! We have not been disappointed! We met with Ron at the lot before we signed a construction contract. We had a notion of how to place the house on the lot. He listened, analyzed, and then made the recommendation that we reverse the plan and place the house ‘just so.’ You know what? He was right. He has a great eye for how the house can take maximum advantage of the lot. His approach greatly simplified the lot preparation, and positioned the master bedroom to take advantage of a beautiful natural view. It reduced the cost and increased the value! Before we began, we were aware that this house and related infrastructure (driveway, etc) would push the limits for what we could do on the lot. Ron’s precision approach made getting approval from the various authorities a breeze. We have just inches to spare on two set-back limits, and the authorities had no problem approving the plan. They knew the Sound Home Builders’ ‘as-built’ would be as good as or better than the plan. We were amazed when we came to the house one day after it had been framed and found one of Ron's workmen with an 8' level being held up against one of the wall studs. We asked what he was doing and he told us he was checking to see if all of the studs were vertical throughout the house. If not, he was marking each one so that the framers could straighten them before they moved on. We mentioned it to Ron who said, matter of factly, that making sure the house is framed as accurately as possible actually saves time down the road because the walls will be straight and everything that is dependent upon the walls (floors, ceiling) will be straight and easier and less time-consuming to complete. Made sense. :-) During the build, Sound Home Builders was extremely conscientious in helping us stick to the budget we had agreed to up front. Michele was always suggesting alternative materials and suppliers that would save us money. Ron would suggest handling a certain feature that would enhance the look of an area. For example, we wanted a waterfall installed over our gas fireplace in the family room. We had picked out the fireplace insert and the waterfall and had positioned the fireplace in the corner of the room so that we would have complete access to the back of the fireplace and waterfall for maintenance. This meant that a large access panel had to be made in the wall behind the fireplace that also led to the master bedroom. Ron came up with the idea of painting the door covering the access panel the same color as the surrounding walls and lining the perimeter of the panel with trim and hidden hinges that would make it appear just like a trim panel on the wall. Ron seemed to relish the challenge of building this fireplace because it required both an aesthetic touch, and detailed coordination among so many different construction disciplines: framers, stone mason, electrician, lighting vendor, plumber, fireplace vendor, flooring vendor, and others; he kept them focused and the result was a beautiful unique feature for our home.In another case, we asked him if he could possibly include a little balcony off one of the upstairs bedrooms so that the view from that room overlooking the 14th green and the creek beyond could be enjoyed with a glass of wine in the evening. He determined that he could provide us with a large deck off that room (at no additional cost) so that we could actually have several people enjoy the view with us. Based on that, we decided to ‘repurpose’ that room into a 'gathering room' for friends and family. We added a wet-bar with small fridge to the space as well, and enlarged the bathroom. This also meant that we reorganized another space upstairs that we had not originally intended to finish, to regain the bedroom we’d just lost. Because these decisions were made during the framing, the cost and schedule impacts were minor. At the same time, we also repurposed a space downstairs, moving a coat closet and installing a wet-bar/butler’s pantry to service both the family room and the dining room. Later, we decided to enclose the back porch. Again, with no schedule impact, and minimal cost. Ron continuously evaluates new building materials and technologies. Rather than just asking what we want to do, he listened to our goals, and provided us with viable options – geothermal air conditioning, tankless hot water, crawl-space conditioning, underfloor heating, LED accent lighting in tray ceiling, and many others. We had heard from residents at AP that Sound Home Builders does a great job, but we were concerned they may not be in our price range. We concluded that given the fact that all of the builders in the area use the same labor pool, and materials vendors, the cost differential couldn’t be too great. We discovered that some builders will actually get started with a low bid and a hand-shake. BUT, that hand-shake means you don’t really quite know how much the final cost will be. So, your initial estimate might be lower, but your final cost could be considerably higher than you expected. Sound Home Builders’ approach to detailed design up front doesn’t lock you into an inflexible project. On the contrary, it enables flexibility because you know exactly what your ideas will cost before they’re incorporated. You can make changes with confidence. That’s the difference. Despite significant changes over the course of the project – the price for the finished home came in within 3% of the original estimate! This surprising result was a direct outcome of their business model – they focus on getting a solid estimate up front for the ‘sticks and bricks.’ Their process for managing and executing a project works with the owner. They know owners often have limited experience building homes, and they adapt their process accordingly. The changes we made involved a little reframing, some additional wallboard, carpet, etc., but those things don’t add up to a lot when you make the decisions at the right moment during construction. And the entire cost-estimating process is transparent, so you know what the additional cost will be for changes before you decide to make them. We found Ron at the house late on a Friday evening – measuring and adjusting. He personally adjusted the doors to ensure that they open and close smoothly and solidly. Later we found him checking the framing of the back deck. This was Ron, putting his indelible mark on the construction. We decided he must have been diagnosed with OCD – obsessive contractor disorder! During framing, we found red writing all over the place on the studs. Ron’s like ‘Kilroy’ – leaving his mark everywhere. ‘Kilroy’ with OCD. One note directed the framers to move a window one inch to the right to ensure absolute symmetry with an adjacent window. Another required them to replace a stud that was not straight. Later, when the wallboard was up and the first coat of paint was on, we found pencil marks all over the place. Ron, again, identifying flaws that he could see in the wallboard joints. (Often we couldn’t see or even feel those flaws at all!) Still later, near the end, blue painter’s tape showed up all over the place. Like the house had chicken pox. Yep, Ron, again. Or rather this time one of his assistants who have been trained in ‘Ron’s way,’ identifying details that needed to be corrected. Again, flaws we could barely discern on close inspection. Apparently OCD is contagious. Ron met with the neighbors on either side of our lot prior to the start of construction. He also sent a nice letter to all of the neighbors in the adjacent cul-de-sac and approaching streets to inform them of the start of construction and to let them know that they should call him personally if they have any issues during the project. Toward the end, he surprised one neighbor with a gift certificate for dinner in a fine restaurant in a nearby town, another neighbor with free tickets to a local baseball game. They had been inconvenienced slightly, but they hadn’t said anything to us. He just wanted them to know that he appreciated that they had endured the inconvenience and noise of the nearby construction. They have beautiful custom homes built by other fine builders at the Plantation, but now, they rave about Sound Home Builders to everyone they meet! It’s not all about Ron. Michele is a force of nature in her own right! She keeps everybody facing forward – even Mr. OCD! She helped keep us sane and not overwhelmed with decisions. She made suggestions about style, and we always valued her opinions. She also was extremely helpful keeping us on track to make selections. It is amazing how many little decisions you have to make, and how hard it is to make them. Exterior: Shingle style and color, siding, shutters, garage door, railing, porch flooring; on and on. Interior: Color scheme, flooring, appliances, cabinets and countertops. She connected us with suppliers, but was just as eager to work with others if we found something unique that we were interested in. (Didn’t happen often, but when it did, you’d think they’d always worked together. I don’t know what she said to them, but they stepped up when needed.) We had to make some choices very early in order to get approval from the AP architecture review committee. Michele knows them, and they know her. She put the entire package together and we never even had to communicate with them directly. And she did this *before* we signed the construction contract. During construction, we came to count on Michele to let us know with plenty of lead time when decisions had to be final to keep the project on track. And, when we made changes that required review by AP, she took care of that, too. When we first met with Ron and Michele to go over the house plans we had selected as an example of what we were looking for, there were several things we wanted to change in the overall internal design of the house. In fact, we ended up changing just about everything from the original design! The kitchen in particular was not laid out well and Ron and Michele helped us redo the entire kitchen so that it became more attractive and more functional. In the end, our house was ‘inspired’ by the original plan, but was so much better than we ever imagined. For example, the original floor plans did not allow for access from the upstairs rooms into the space above the garage. Ron managed to construct the house in such a way that we had easy access to that space (31' long), and he built it so it can be finished in the future. And this adjustment didn’t cost us anything. It’s just a by-product of how he builds houses – as if he were planning to live there. We’re convinced. Sound Home Builders constructs the best homes in Northeast North Carolina and their reputation in the area is second to none. Quality, attention to detail, paying attention to customer needs and providing immediate feedback and communication. Managing the project to come in ahead of schedule and within 3% of the price, despite a harsh, wet winter, is the icing on the cake. These are just some of the outstanding attributes of this fine company and the great people who own and operate it. We did not know Ron and Michele Andronowitz before we signed the contract with them to build our home, but we now count them as friends. Great people, great company, great results! They’re slogan says it all: Building quality homes and lasting relationships. We want to mention that our new friends at AP, and the entire management staff at AP were extremely helpful throughout the project. When we needed their advice on something, we got solid helpful suggestions. AP was already engaged in refurbishing the golf course, including a complete re-greening. They had already planned to refurbish the golf cart path, as well. At their own initiative, they adjusted the refurb project schedule, accelerating the work on the cart path behind our lot before construction even began so as not to interfere with the construction, or with our subsequent enjoyment of the house. They coordinated with Sound Home Builders on a regular basis. Our new neighbors kept an eye on the construction and we got gleeful emails and calls when something interesting happened at the site. We never had a single reason to doubt our decision to build at AP. We’re glad to call AP our home now.”
D. W. Chase RA
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Jun 6, 2016
“We are glad we chose Dave Chase to help us with our major exterior home remodel project. Dave's skills were up to the job of designing a new look for our 20 year old home; and providing a knowledgeable sound architectural basis for all of the changes. Dave charged a fair price, and then committed to our project in a personable and reliable manner. He was available to us through change orders, and long after presenting the initial plans. We have already recommended Dave to friends who just purchased a lot and thinking of building a new home. Thank you Dave. We love our results!”
Beacon Architecture & Design
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Feb 7, 2013
“When my retail store burned down, Beacon came highly recommended to me by a friend. From their first visit to the site to the final inspection of a brand new building, they exceeded my expectations! The architects were easy to work with and they truly listened to my needs and wishes, with a keen eye on budget. They stood by me throughout the entire design, permit, build, and inspect process, and the results were outstanding! I am constantly receiving compliments on the new store, and...most importantly...sales are up!”
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Feb 22, 2013
“Our firms are currently working together on a unique older home to create more living space, changing interiors for better functional purposes while maintaining the period of the home. We are very excited about the process and the team at GMF is doing a very professional job in moving the project forward. As builders we highly recommend their team.”
Esprit Design
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Feb 4, 2015
“Esprit Design helped us give our shop in Kitty Hawk a makeover. Terry Talbert worked easily with our schedule and helped us to introduce more color to our store, create a more eye-catching window display, and relocate furniture and merchandise to make the space more inviting and better highlight our offerings. We have received nothing but compliments on the changes and will continue to use the insights she gave us in the future.”
Battaglia Design
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Mar 7, 2017
“If you truly want the house of your dreams built, Greg Battaglia is the professional who can fulfill those dreams. He is extremely creative, patient, talented and a pleasure to work with over the course of a project. I highly recommend Battaglia Design.”
reich design associates, p.l.c.
Knotts Island, NC Architects and Building Designers
Jun 4, 2014
“My husband and I home had a fire in Jan 2014. It was a total loss. After interviewing several architechts, we fortunately met Armond with Reich Designs. Armond designed a beautiful dream home for us. After being through so much of stress, it was so wonderful to finally meet such an awesome architect. He was professional and yet very personable. It was truly a pleasure working with Armond. At no time did we feel we were not going to be treated well. He eased any fears we had and we felt very confident at all times. On time of the outstanding service we received from Reich Designs, we were also given the best price. Thank you Armond for creating our new dream home. I can not wait until it gets built and we are living in it. You were awesome.”
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