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Whitney Architecture is a Design firm located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. We specialize in custom residential remodels and new homes as well as mixed use projects across the Pacific Northwest. Whitney Architecture was founded when Paul moved to Seattle in 1991. We started out small and have remained that way by choice. With our group of five architects, we are able to provide personalized service to our clients and remain accessible to them throughout the entire design, permitting and building process. Our clients have greatly appreciated the ease with which they can contact us with questions or concerns. With over twenty years of working with building departments across the Pacific Northwest, we know what it takes to permit projects and to provide clear and detailed construction sets for the contractors we work with. At the heart of Whitney Architecture lies a genuine passion for design with vitality and a commitment to building respectful and authentic relationships with our clients. Creating an exquisite and functional living space is based upon collaboration between client and architect; we work closely with our clients, embracing every idea and insight as we transform aspiration to design, design to reality. With no preconception of style, the potential of any project is unlimited. We recognize that the design of a new home or the remodel of an existing one is a process that is potentially stressful for some people. We take the time to listen and have often been referred to as "the calm in the storm". We strive to assist our clients in navigating this process with the result being the perfect home for them. Frequent and clear communication along with skillful and elegant design result in living spaces that serve our clients well for many years to come.

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