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    Upholstery cleaning services should not only rid your sofa or chair of visible dirt, but remove odors and debris that settle in fabrics over time, as well as protect them from future stains and damage. Having your upholstery cleaned will not only make it look better, but your household will breathe better — all of the things you can’t see, like dust, dander and pollen, are living in your furniture just waiting to fly into the air every time you sit down. Hiring the right upholstery cleaners in Dewittville, QC is important to ensuring your furniture gets the special attention it needs, since not all fabrics require the same care. Read on to learn about the different methods and how to get the most from your local Dewittville, QC furniture cleaners.

    Are there different methods of professional upholstery cleaning?

    Yes. Cleaning upholstery is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each type of fabric can call for a slightly different method, which a good upholstery cleaner in Dewittville, QC should have expert knowledge of. Certain professionals specialize in natural or eco-friendly furniture cleaning solutions, so if this is important to you then make sure to check their certifications to ensure a safe home for you and your loved ones.

    • Common Fabrics: Cotton, linen, rayon and polyester, for example, can typically be cleaned by dry cleaning, steam cleaning or hot-water extraction, all of which loosen embedded dirt and then rinse or extract it (similar to carpets). Applying a protectant will help lessen further soiling and make your furniture look cleaner longer.
    • Specialty Fabrics: More finicky fabrics, such as silk, suede or velvet, require special cleaning solutions and/or methods. Make sure the furniture cleaning service you are interested in knows how to treat these textiles.
    • Leather: In a category of its own, leather needs to be cleaned, conditioned and protected in ways completely different than typical fabrics. This includes moisturizing to restore fading, cracks, scratches or general wear. The typical steam and water methods won’t work for cleaning leather furniture.

    Some upholstery cleaners in Dewittville, QC provide a pick-up and drop-off service in order to properly clean your furniture in their own shop. Ask about this option if you don’t want the disruption of cleaners in your home for part of a day, or the temptation of using a clean sofa before it’s completely dry.

    What do I need to do to prepare for an upholstery cleaner to visit my Dewittville, QC home?

    In order to ensure you get the most from a professional couch cleaning service there are a few things you can and should do before the pro arrives.

    • Remove and contain pets
    • Move all breakable items from the area
    • Identify all major spots and stains
    • Vacuum furniture to remove major debris or pet hair

    The general recommendation is to have your upholstery cleaned every 12 to 24 months depending on the type of fabric and frequency of use. Having kids, pets and carpet can increase the frequency of needed furniture cleanings. If you can do your part to keep your upholstered furniture clean between professional visits, the work they do will be much more effective — they’re there to deeply clean upholstery and restore your pieces, not wipe away crumbs and dust. If you know you plan to have your couch cleaned soon, think about what other furniture you could do at the same time, such as chairs, upholstered beds or mattresses; even most curtains and drapes can be cleaned using the same methods. Also, know that you may need to stay off of the cleaned upholstery for a few hours, sometimes overnight or a full 24 hours, to let it completely dry, but your Dewittville, QC upholstery cleaning service will let you know exactly how long.

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