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Designs Faux You
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
May 13, 2014
Designs Faux You offers an incredible array of decorative services in a professional atmosphere. This is accomplished by providing direct and personal attention to each client. Mrs. Carter listened to our needs and requests and followed through in a way that exceeded our expectations. She was always on time, on task, and had the necessary materials to complete the job. It was so nice to work with a company that cared about the client and went the extra mile to make sure that a quality service was delivered. Our finished product was evidence of her exceptional talent and her ability to bring to life our vision.
San Antonio Murals
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
January 7, 2013
Lisa Moon of San Antonio Murals is one of the best faux artist I have ever had working for me and my clients. She not only does excellent faux painting, murals, etc., but is thoughtful and understanding of the client's needs and is very competent in interpreting the client's wants and design requirements. She also will offer her opinion when asked and if she thinks she has an idea that the client may want to consider she is very communicative in conveying her thoughts or suggestions. She is willing and happy to make adjustments or changes during or after the faux work has been done. She wants the client to be happy and will go to any length to make that happen.
Urban Interior Finish
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
May 25, 2017
As a designer I can always count on Urban Interior Finish. I have been working with Elena for years on projects and she always meets my expectations. I have used them for simple jobs such as refinishing furniture to elaborate jobs such as ceilings and whole houses. You can see some of Elena's work on my Houzz site as well.
Carver Road - Stone Carving and Sculpture Studio
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
July 16, 2015
I am a retired geologist. A few years ago I embarked upon a rather quixotic goal of convincing the governing folks here in Kerrville, Texas to populate the city with statues of fossils. I felt they would be interesting, educational, attractive, unique and a potentially great tourist attraction. I struck out. The City wasn't interested. But I did succeed in getting our Kerr Arts and Cultural Center (KACC), in the center of town to accept one as a centerpiece to their building. I commissioned Dean Reganess to carve the statue and required that it conform precisely to the specifications of the animal species which I selected; a marine gastropod (snail) that had inhabited this area approximately 100,000,000 years ago. I provided him with specifications and scientific drawings. Dean created the statue exactly as prescribed, but had the artistic sense to present it in a very attractive manner that has drawn highly favorable comments from all who have seen it. Since then I have seen other carvings by Dean on exhibit at the Schreiner Museum next door to KACC. I think it is worth noting that Dean works selflessly to promote his profession. He has offered free lessons to all interested parties and loves working with children. It seems to me that not everyone would be so willing to promote competition. I would be happy to submit photos, but I don't see how from this survey.
Artistic Mural Works
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
October 27, 2012
Yes Norma has true talent!! I had an Italian mural done in my kitchen and was left in Aw!! I will have her back for sure to continue to bring elegance to my family room also! Cant wait!! I highly recommend Norma an incredible honest and talented muralist!!
Beach Kaleidoscopes
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
June 19, 2014
I have not yet commissioned a piece but have observed Christina at work on many projects. Christina's work showcases her meticulous attention to detail AND her creative talents in her color choices, and the form of the pieces. I am impressed with her ability to ferret out just what the customer wants as an end result. I am considering a custom piece soon.
TSHM Two Sisters Home Makeovers
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
July 26, 2015
Two Sisters Home Makeover painted our kitchen cabinet's and plastered and painted our walls. Erin, one of the sisters stenciled our octagon crown molding in kitchenette and then shadowed with stain to make the crown molding look carved with beautiful results. Over our kitchenette Erin also sanded and plastered what was a popcorn ceiling before. She painted my recessed ceiling with the color pallet I chose and she wowed me with the results. I love, love my kitchen, gorgeous now thanks to Two Sisters Home Makeover
Emily Magone
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
March 25, 2015
The Lovely Miss Emily was fabulous to work with, I hired her for 3 custom silk scarves to be hand painted and to be hung in a bit of a unique way. She worked with me until I fell in love with the custom color palate and then we devised a way to hang them vertically in the space I desired them to be on display. It turned out amazing and I couldn't be happier with the custom end product to polish off an intimate space close to my heart.
Derek S. Clarke
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
October 22, 2020
Derek creates intriguing and thought provoking art. His pieces have many layers, subtleties intermingle in the background while interestingly bold pigments weave dramatically in the foreground. These intricacies intermingle to create a unique experience for every viewer. I appreciate that Derek views his own work as highly interpretive. Some individuals see shapes and even images in his works. For me, the color palette chosen for each piece illustrates different moods, an element that I feel all people universally have in common. I am very proud to possess one of Derek's masterpieces entitled "Milk." Additionally, I can speak from experience and say that Derek Clarke is very professional, easy going, and easy to work with. I sincerely hope you will consider taking a close look at his artwork and see for yourself how his work speaks to you!
Absolutely Fauxbulous Decorative Arts
San Antonio, TX Custom Artists
August 22, 2013
I hired Denice to do a faux finish in a bedroom. It turned out amazing. I truly love the room. It feels like an upscale hotel room when I walk into it. I had an idea of what I wanted and she helped me decide on color and design and I couldn't be happier. I have a bathroom I'm planning on hiring her again to update.
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