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Alan Zawacki creates large, one-of-a-kind, original seascape and landscape paintings of Florida and the Caribbean!

Homeowners seek out an original Alan Zawacki tropical seascape or landscape painting to create a dramatic focal point of color, peacefulness, tropical ambiance and artistic excellence. Alan specializes in painting large and smaller size tropical seascapes and landscapes of Florida and the Caribbean. He has been a professional artist for over 25 years. His award winning work has been featured in many juried group exhibitions as well as one-man gallery shows.

Nicknamed, "The Tropical Artist" by his friends and customers, Alan Zawacki feels fortunate to have frequent opportunities to travel throughout the Caribbean and to now live among the abundant natural beauty of Sarasota. Alan’s paintings reflect his passion for the warm, pristine beaches, seascapes, landscapes, and colorful foliage of these lush, tropical areas. His philosophy is that his work is at its best when it brings others a sense of joy, peace, energy, and appreciation of nature. Individuals who collect Alan’s work say they feel transported to the place itself.

“I often select large, horizontally shaped canvas to bring a true feeling of the perspective that the viewer’s eyes take in with a seascape. There is a time and place where a small canvas is more appropriate; however, I find that a larger canvas conveys a more dramatic impact for the viewer.

As a landscape artist, I continue to train my eyes and brain to see the subtle colors that present themselves in what, at first, seem to be one color. Looking more closely, you will see that I add some touches of reds and yellows to bring out the reflective light of the sun on the sand and clouds and the translucent blues and greens of the crystal clear water.”

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