Kimono Art Studio
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Kimono Art Studio creates art from vintage Japanese of a at a time.
My name is Linda Flake and I have collected, sold, lived with and designed with vintage textiles with an insatiable passion for over 30 years. I am seduced by the integrity, the aesthetics, the colors, textures, & designs of all things old and curious, especially textiles.
My current love and medium for my artistic expression is vintage Japanese kimono & obi. Recycling that which already exists into something new to behold. One of a at a time.
My Kimono Art line has sold through galleries, boutiques, shops and interior decorators across the USA, Canada, Italy and Venezuela.

Services Provided
My line currently includes:
decorative pillows

Business Name: Kimono Art Studio
Address: 4108 Genessee St, Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone Number: (816) 785-1860
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