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I designed and made over 30 styles of Latigo leather and steel framed pieces of furniture from 1969 until about 1978. Other projects and interests took me away from furniture design until 2009 when I was approached by Scott and Joanna Nadeau of Ten10 in Los Angeles. Their interest in vintage pieces of my work and the possibility of recreating some of the designs led me to return to chair making. Since then, with the help of my son Sam, several of the original designs have been reproduced and new works created, all by hand in our studio in Santa Cruz..

Services Provided
Custom Furniture

Areas Served
The World

Certifications and Awards
Art showings, juried exhibits.

Business Name: Wenger Designs - Furniture
Address: 231 Chilverton St., Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone Number: (831) 247-7575
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