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Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals

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Beacon / 50 mi
Backsplash Installation
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Featured Reviews for Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals

Ryan Davis Contracting
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsMay 29, 2017
Ryan Davis was professional and fair and completed the work we needed done in a timely manner. The projects he did for us included a spring loaded gate for our deck, a glass tile kitchen backsplash, and two storm doors.
Ingrained Woodworking, Inc.
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJanuary 23, 2013
I hired Jason Jones to help prefab a set of stairs for one of my landscape projects. He was quick, efficient and very professional. I have used him on some other jobs and would not hesitate to use his services again. I'm also planning to have him do an addition on my home in the near future. He very thoughtful in the planning process and strives to make your dreams a reality.
Attention To Detail Home Improvement, LLC
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsMay 8, 2019
Tony did a kitchen project with us recently and it turned out FANTASTIC! We will definitely use his services in the future!
Appliance Driven Inc.
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJanuary 24, 2018
I use Appliance Driven for all of my clients' appliance needs from single units to entire kitchens and even home renovations. I engage Joel and his crew for any client within 200 miles of NYC. I get the best advice, the best service and there is ALWAYS someone there to service the clients' needs. The price is always fair and reasonable. The staff professional, courteous and will not stop until the job is done. Every time I call Joel or anyone of his team members, they make me look great and I know the clients' needs are being taken care of right from the start. For sales, installation and service they are the best. I do not have problems and any situations that may arise during delivery or installation are resolved quickly and effectively. I will not deal with anyone else. I have been dealing with Appliance Driven for almost 10 years now and just wish they had offices in LA, Miami, Chicago and Boston so I know that I could get the same service for all of my clients!
Selective Remodeling
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsAugust 4, 2016
With me, it’s not just about the job, it’s about how these guys made me feel. I feel important to them, respected and a priority. I feel as if they are interested in my daily opinion. They want to please me as a customer. They respect my feelings, my suggestions and opinions. From start to where we are now, I am ahead of schedule on the kitchen. They are here when they say they will be here. They understand I am living out of the garage and dining room. They respect that I have a child who has needs while they are here. They stay past 5pm until the work is done. They check up on my progress daily. Mike and Dominick come to see the work often. I can trust their workers with my house/property when I am not home. I can go to work and not worry about what’s happening with my house. I also don’t have to pay all at once. They broke up the entire amount into percentages so I pay as we go through the weeks. They schedule all the work/specialists so I don’t have lag time or issues getting steps completed. They make sure my job is up to code. And most importantly, they clean up before they leave, inside and outside. I can’t tell you how important that is with a child and a cat. I don’t have to worry about him getting into the tools or garbage. I also trust that they will do what it takes to keep me satisfied as a customer. They listen to my concerns/comments as you can see each day whether at my home or over text (my preferred method of communication). They came up with a timeline that was loose so we could tweak plans when necessary and so I could plan my life around the renovations. I am pleased at the progress made so far and look forward to using my new kitchen! WORK SCHEDULE SO FAR July 17, 2016, Monday 6:45am Dumpster arrives July 18, 2016, Tuesday 8am the crew of 5 men arrived. The put plastic up around the back room and doors so the sawdust would be contained. They had the entire kitchen demolished by 3pm. The dumpster was filled. They vacuumed and left. What was planned for 2 days took 1. July 19, 2016, Wednesday Electricians and Plumbers came 8am. They found some areas not up to code and fixed the problems. Left at 4pm. I believe Mike arranged to have the specialists come at close times. It seemed when one left, someone else pulled up 30 seconds later. Talk about SERVICE! HVAC came at 4:45pm to look at what items would be needed and promised to see me the next morning. I was amazed so much got accomplished in such a short time. Mike came to the site to clarify the next stage of work and find out how we felt about the work so far. I gave him another check after he reviewed some of the financials with me. He makes it easy to not have to have all funds upfront. I feel more comfortable with this way. He plans it in percentages. Sometimes there are additional expenses such as more electrical work than was planned/billed for so that was an addition but these things are expected. I am trying to go with the flow. Changes happen. July 20, 2016, Thursday HVAC Mike came at 7am so that the wall guys would not have him in the way. We decided together to move two vents from the floors to the walls. He updated the heating vents and spent 3 hours making it to code. Walls went up as HVAC Mike worked. Ceilings were put up and 2 coats of Spackling. James, Jorge and Freddy did a terrific job. Neat, fast and looked great. I was very pleased with the work. Mike came to the site to clarify the next stage of work and find out how we felt about the work so far. Framing and Sheet rocking was planned for 4 days. It took 2. We were ahead of schedule. July 21, 2016, Friday James did a third coating of Spackle. He painted a first coat of my Soft Fern green color and the ceiling white. Dominick came by to check on the work/progress and see how we were doing. James vacuumed and cleaned up before he left. My husband found some areas he wanted addressed and I texted his concerns to Dominick. Dominick shared it with Mike. I didn’t want to bother Mike since it was the weekend, but Dominick felt our concerns were important. They were addressed Saturday morning. July 22, 2016, Saturday 8:30am. Eddie and Javier arrived to work on the floors. They nailed down the wire mesh which was a job that took all day. Tile needed to be cut as well. They left the place clean and neat. July 23, 2016, Sunday DAY OF REST July 24, 2016, Monday 8:45am. Eddie and Javier needed to mud the floors to make them level which they were not. One side needed to be higher than the other. Eddie and Javier worked very hard and left at 7pm after they cleaned up. It was a very long day for them. Mike made arrangements with the appliance store to deliver on August 1. July 25, 2016, Tuesday 8:45am. Eddie measured and laid the time on the leveled floors. It was a terribly hot day and Javier had to lug cement and cut tile in the heat. I felt so bad for him. He never complained and worked so very hard. The floors looked great but Eddie felt like it was not looking right so he lifted three rows of tile and did them again to get it right. He felt he wanted perfection and I appreciated that. I complimented him and shared that with Mike when he came to see the progress. They left at 5:30pm and planned to come back for the Backsplash when it was time. 4 days were planned to do the job. It took 3. July 26, 2016, Wednesday Freddy and Jorge came to work on making saddles and putting up molding around the doors and window. Freddy was so funny. He kept cleaning and I told him to not worry about the dust on the doors, that I would take care of it later. He was so concerned about keeping the place clean for me. I told him it was impossible since there was so much cutting of wood. Jorge spoke to me about the saddles and I made suggestions. He asked my opinion and he made it to my specifications such as overlapping the saddle to the stair for safety. They cleaned up and I was pleased to find out we had several days off to have family time instead of having construction. July 27, 2016 Thursday Jorge and Freddy came to complete the saddles and woodwork. Once again, outstanding! I left them alone all day while I went to work. I had no worries. I also knew Mike stopped by often at the site to check on progress but I trusted them completely. July 28-31, 2016 REST August 1, 2016, Monday Cabinet specialists Anthony and Paul arrived. They worked from 8:45-5pm. They put cabinets up, cut and measured over and over. They said, "Measure three times, cut once." They were very nice, knowledgeable, spoke kindly to my son and had a smile and a kind word to me most often during the day. August 2, 2016, Tuesday Cabinet guys arrived at 8:45am. I went to work and when I came back most of the cabinets were up. Since the floor was 3 inches higher than anticipated, they called Scott at Selective Sculptures to order a smaller cabinet so they would not have to cut it. The cabinet would arrive Thursday. August 3, 2016, Wednesday I called Mike to tell him I am taking a day of rest. August 4, 2016, Thursday Cabinets are done! Paul and Anthony arrived at 8:30 and they were completed by 5pm. They vacuumed and touched up the cabinets. They put the shelves in for me and discussed how to care for my cabinets. They put up the crown molding and asked my opinion about where I wanted the handles to go on the cabinets. Mike came by to see how it was progressing, to get a check from me and to plan the coming week of work. He's planning on my refrigerator and stove going in and working on Monday. As you can guess I'm tired of washing dishes in my bathroom and am grateful it's going to happen so quickly!
Seaview Contracting LLC
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 18, 2021
Steve and his crew are the best! He came so quickly to give a quote for our kitchen backsplash, fair price. His tile guy Terry was clean, careful and meticulous. We had a pipe burst in the night that threatened to throw the timeline of the project off, Steve came and saved the day, no questions asked. We are new to the area, and safe to say, we will be regulars of Seaview Contracting!!
Ludlow Tile and Marble
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsSeptember 23, 2016
When I first moved into my home I found that the tiny master bathroom was not ventilated properly and extremely outdated. I hired Ludlow Tile and Marble to gut my entire bathroom. Michael and I reviewed the design and he coordinated the entire bathroom renovation with the shower installation and plumbing. Michael was always on time and the project was completed within the timeframe allotted. Michael pays attention to every detail and is a perfectionist. His tile work is flawless and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. This tiny outdated master bathroom has become my own personal spa. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend Ludlow Tile and Marble for all your tiling projects.
Marz Tile
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsNovember 5, 2014
Attention to detail, workmanship, quality of installation along with their ability to work well with other trades and service is why I recommend Marz Tile.
Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsAugust 16, 2015
We had the pleasure of working with Melissa and Jim Adinolfi at Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC after we suffered water damage that necessitated our kitchen being ripped out. Having no prior experience with renovations, we knew that finding a thoughtful and experienced team to guide us through the process would be the key to a successful renovation. We are incredibly thankful that we found Melissa and Jim. From our very first meeting, Melissa was knowledgeable and professional. Her creativity and thoughtfulness helped to ensure that we achieved everything we wanted, within our budget. She was understanding and patient with us as we struggled with construction related decisions and the accompanying financial considerations. Melissa was present on the job site every step of the way. Her attentiveness and responsiveness was superb. When it was time for installation of the cabinets, Jim's craftsmanship was impeccable. After such an investment, it was great to see that Jim and Melissa joined in our desire to have everything look perfect. The attention to detail demonstrated by both Melissa and Jim was impressive and helped to keep us calm during this stressful time. There was not one detail left unchecked. Most importantly, throughout the entire process, we felt absolutely comfortable with them. We love our new kitchen and highly recommend Melissa and Jim for any kitchen renovation. Mark and Bonnie Fairfield, CT
Beacon, NY Backsplash Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsMay 8, 2022
Filipe and his team did an excellent job of installing are kitchen. We had limited space so the placement of cabinets and appliances had to be well planned. His suggestions for installation were right on. Everything was planned out well and the fit and finish was superb. If you want the job done right hire Modern Trsdition Kitchen and Bath.
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