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A truly healthy candle... We've long believed that candles should have a much higher purpose in life and be just as healthy as they are aesthetically pleasing. Candles should contribute to a healing home environment, not take away from it – that’s why we created the Bee Lucia™ Wellness Candle™. We hand-pour every Wellness Candle™ ourselves in Portland, OR using only the highest integrity ingredients possible. One of our early inspirations was our constant frustration with seeing soy candles touted as a healthy alternative to paraffin (when most are made with GMO soy or blended with paraffin anyways). You won't find soy or soot producing paraffin in our candles. The Bee Lucia™ Wellness Candle™ is made with a unique blend of organic coconut oil, beeswax, pure essential oils and natural gemstone crystals. As this candle burns, negative ions are emitted that can bind to toxins and help remove them from the air. Our name “Bee Lucia” is both a fun play on words and a nod to our family's Scandinavian heritage where Lucia was traditionally given as a girl's name to babies born as daylight was breaking. The word has roots from the Latin word "lux" meaning “light”. And of course, the word “Bee” is in reference to the great honey bee who contributes immensely to the making of our beautiful wellness candles.
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