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Despite its global presence, Home Treasures is truly an American establishment. Founded in 1988, the Company still cuts, sews and finishes its luxury textiles in Houston, Texas. The Company is unique, with a collection of Italian bedding, bathroom and table linens that can be fully customized to your specifications, making each piece, uniquely and individually yours. For the past 27 years, Home Treasures has been dedicated to bringing its clientele the highest quality and the most luxurious textiles in the world. Through collaboration with our longstanding clientele, which include renowned interior designers, department stores, boutique retailers and hoteliers, Home Treasures has established a true understanding of design trends, allowing the Company to curate a comprehensive, fashion-forward and original collection of textiles.

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Services Provided
Capabilities: custom designs, custom sizes, monogramming
Bed products: bed linens, quilted coverlets, blankets (cashmere, wool, cotton), throws (cashmere, alpaca, cotton, linen), decorative pillows
Bath products: towels (Turkish cotton, zero twist), decorative guest towels, shower curtains, bath accessories (soap pump, soap dish, tissue box, waste basket)
Table products: table cloths, placemats, dinner and cocktail napkins, table runners

Areas Served
Corporate Headquarters: Houston, Texas USA
Manufacturing Facilities: Houston, Texas USA
Textile Supplier: Bergamo, Italy
Retailers: USA, Mexico, Canada, Panama, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China
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