Mountain Kingdom LLC
New York and Cape Town based Mountain Kingdom is proud to announce its exclusive representation outside of Africa of the Basotho Heritage Blankets. These blankets are union made in South Africa, in a fourth-generation family owned manufacturing company that has long held the exclusive rights granted by Lesotho's Royal Family to produce these Heritage designs.

Originally developed and worn as an alternative to the animal skin “kaross”, the Basotho people have been wearing Heritage Blankets since the 19th century. Many of the designs offered by Mountain Kingdom have been in constant production since the late 1890’s. Woven of 90% Virgin Wool and 10% Cotton, the Basotho Heritage Blankets are produced through a unique manufacturing process which renders them virtually water- proof, windproof and built to weather the harsh winds and rains of Lesotho’s mountain kingdom.

The story of the Basotho Heritage Blanket begins with the father of Lesotho, King Moshoeshoe. A feared and legendary warrior, beloved by his people, he is also legendary for his benevolence towards vanquished tribes he had defeated in battle. In 1860, King Moshoeshoe was presented a wool blanket as a gift. He was very taken with it, and soon abandoned his traditional leopard skin kaross in favor of the blanket. The Basotho people soon followed their leader and to this day, the blanket is an essential part of their lives from birth until death. It is an integral feature of all important life events, from marriages and childbirth, to the coronation of Kings.

In 1865, when Queen Victoria offered her protection to Moshoeshoe’s kingdom, at his request, he spoke of her “spreading her blanket” over his country. The Basotho Heritage Blanket has been woven into the fabric of the nation since its very beginnings and continues to be today.

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Exclusive representative of the authentic African Basotho Heritage Blankets.

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We work with both clients both inside the US and the world outside of Africa.