Modern House Numbers
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Modern addressing products thoughtfully designed, impeccably crafted, and simple to install. Modern House Numbers add style and value to your environment, wherever you live.


Like jewelry for your project, our numbers, letters and plaques are the perfect modern accessory. Our collection of fonts and finishes has been designed to look incredible on any architectural style.

Our products are durable and substantial. Each is handcrafted from solid, recycled, ⅜” thick aluminum. You’ll receive a helpful drilling template and mounting hardware for a beautiful, architectural-quality installation.


As architects we know that details are the heart and soul of any project. We believe it should be enjoyable and rewarding to create modern curb appeal that expresses your style.

Our beautiful collection of modern numbers, letters, plaques, and decals embodies our passion and expertise. We’ve considered everything, from design to installation, to make it easy and exciting for you to create beautiful details with confidence.


During our own renovation project in 2008, modern address numbers were unavailable or completely unaffordable. We decided to make our own! We designed them using our favorite font, crafted them from solid, recycled aluminum and successfully installed them on our home.

We didn't stop there! We created a matching set of decal mailbox numbers and a custom curb stencil in the same modern font. The result was a major curb appeal success! Friends, family, and strangers began asking for modern number sets of their own. Modern House Numbers was born! MHN has grown into a thriving company shipping stylish curb appeal to modern dwellers all around the world. We’re proud that every number is still crafted by us and our great team right here in Tucson, AZ.

We hope you enjoy your Modern House Numbers as much as we enjoy making them!

Brandy + Rick
Modern House Numbers

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