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Westwood Heat-Treated Lumber, Inc. is one of five technology companies in the world holding a Patent on thermo-treatment processing of wood. In 2004 Westwood was the first company to introduce this product to the U.S., importing and installing in 2007-2009 four kilns in well-established U.S. based lumber companies. e.g. Westwood owns it's own thermo-treatment plant in Macon, GA with 3 kilns, the biggest thermo-treatment facility in the USA. Product: Thermo-treatment is an environmentally friendly alternative to pressure-treatment of wood. Our wood thermo-treatment technology for aging the wood makes it not only look like 350-year old lumber, but actually changes its molecular structure and turns new wood to old wood.
The applications for our product are endless, both outdoor and indoor: decks, siding, garden furniture, pool areas, boardwalks, landscape designs, flooring, manufacturing of bathtubs, wash-bowls, etc. We manufacture thermo-treated wood decking for exterior and thermo-treated wood panels for interior applications in many different designs, some are all natural and some are painted to help you find the color and design that best fits your needs.We pride ourselves on making top grade products for your DIY projects. with easy to follow instructions.

See more details at our product websites: www.holeywoodstudio.com and www.smartdeckingsolution.com

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We own the Patent for our thermo-treated wood.
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