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Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals

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Featured Reviews for Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals

Academic Landscaping, LLC
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJuly 19, 2021
Academic Landscaping has done several jobs for us including a paver patio and walkway installation at one of our rental properties and they currently manage the maintenance of all properties. They are currently working on an installation project at our primary residence including paver patio and kitchen, retaining walls, drainage, irrigation, and grading work. These guys are very professional and great at communication! And we are continuously impressed by the quality of their work.
Corona Landscaping, INC
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsSeptember 11, 2017
Corona Landscaping did an outstanding job with my hardscape project (2 patios and a walkway ) Drew was great to work with, he listened, was patient as we made changes during the design phase. The final design was perfect ! Miguel and the installation crew took their time laying the pavers and their attention to detail was impressive. We highly recommend Corona Landscaping and will use them again in the future.
Ambiance Garden Design, LLC
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsFebruary 5, 2019
Outstanding! We moved in to a condo with an expansive patio with an Uptown view. We hired Ambiance to create a beautiful and unique four-season outdoor living area. We had unusual challenges including extreme summer sunshine, a need for very low maintenance plants, and unusual building specific constraints. Suzanne and Joey listened well and created a wonderful plan, and we turned over our patio when the whole crew arrived right on schedule for a professional worry-free installation. They exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be more pleased.
Stewart's Lawn and Landscaping, Inc
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJuly 27, 2015
Preston and his team were very friendly and helpful. Preston gave us a plan that included options to add on or take out depending on our budget and the look we wanted to achieve. He is very passionate about his work and treats every yard like it is his own. We since referred many neighbors to him and they have all been very pleased as well.
M & C Landscaping, Inc.
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsNovember 16, 2017
I highly recommend M&C Landscaping, Inc. to anyone looking to transform their landscape. I have personally used M&C Landscaping on two different landscaping projects. Projects included the grading of my backyard, adding a red oak privacy fence lined with new mulch, trees and plants held by a beautifully built rock retaining wall, the design of a beautiful fire pit area for entertaining, as well as upgrading my front yard with new mulch, plants and trees and new beautiful landscape up lighting. M&C Landscaping are professionals and very hard working. They get the job done in a timely manner making sure you are completely satisfied. You will not be disappointed! I will always make M&C Landscaping my first choice for all my landscaping needs!
Charlotte DreamScapes
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 14, 2015
Todd replaced our wood fence gate and made it match the fence that was already there. He was polite, professional, and the job was completed as expected and at the price he quoted. He even replaced a broken picket on another part that wasn't part of the job.
Metro Greenscape, Inc
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsAugust 17, 2015
We had an existing pool and fire pit. We wanted to pull everything together with our existing wood deck. After having several companies give us their thoughts and design for a paver patio, walkway and landscaping, we just weren't thrilled. Then we called Metro Greenscape. What a difference! Their experience and professionalism put them head and shoulders above the rest. We loved their design ideas, and when it came to the installation they were on time with a very professional crew. They communicated very well through the process, which is important to us. Finally, the quality of the finished product far exceeded our expectations! It is truly beautiful. All around A+ Never had that with a contractor before.
Outdoor Contracting
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 22, 2014
2 phase major overhaul of the entire outside property. In phase 1 we improved the front yard with drainage, plantings, grass, driveway improvements, lighting and a basketball hoop. Phase 2 was fixing up and beautifying the entire back yard of an acre lot following the installation by a third party of a pool. This second phase involved substantial drainage remediation, re-grading of almost the entire back yard, an entirely new landscape plan, irrigation, and lighting, as well as other small add-on projects that came as part of the overall work associated with the pool. Bill and his team from Outdoor Life do exceptional work. I hired Bill the first time for phase 1 a year ago to help me fix the work done by a previous landscape contractor, one that is actually a fairly highly rated provider as well. I asked Bill to come look at my home and project list and work done by others due to his background in engineering and overall licenses and broad qualifications, including contractor’s licenses. I wanted someone that could really take over and coordinate all the little things that were getting messed up and costing me time and money as I was trying to do projects around my yard in pieces by different companies. His business description is true that he provides a full service, turn-key operation for an overall project or yard, and he showed that on my project. For Phase 1, he ran a major drainage pipe through our front yard for future drainage from the back yard to be completed later as part of Phase 2 that would involve a pool. Since this pipe installation was going to tear up so much of the front yard, we decided to go ahead and improve the front yard as well. The great thing about Bill is that he is able to do pretty much any project that pops in your head, with no need to coordinate other contractors. As part of the laying of the pipe and re-sodding the grass, he re-graded and added French drains and fixed drainage issues in the front that had existed since construction 14 years ago. His lighting came out great, he uses quality hardware and really lights up the house well. I was very pleased with his plant selection and quality. Unlike my prior Angie’s List landscaper, Bill was very pleasant to work with and speak with, and his plantings look great a year later, which was definitely not the case with the prior person. As he was doing the project, I decided to make some changes to the shape of the driveway and also add a large in-ground basketball hoop. Bill was able to work all that in his project no problem, and I even had his guys put together the hoop itself and install it start-to-finish themselves. Bill is expert on irrigation systems and local rules, and was able to take my old system which was in disrepair, and get it up and running effectively. For Phase 2, I had Bill work with me to get the backyard done right with the installation of a pool by a third party. Installing a pool is a serious pain, and it was very helpful to have Bill advise me throughout the process. I frankly should have turned more of the work over to him, I made the mistake of using the pool company for more of the project than I should have for things like the patio around the pool, and the work doesn’t compare to Bill’s quality. But Bill did a fantastic job fixing anything the pool guys messed up, and again proved his worth as a general contractor capable of doing any part of the project I threw his way during the work. He had a real challenge on the drainage in the back yard, but did a great job remediating the long time problems with the yard, which was a huge task given the flat yard and the pool location and drainage. I actually gave him pretty free reign on the landscape design since I was so pleased with his work on phase 1, and he did not disappoint. We had a budget and I gave him my big picture ideas, and what things I liked and didn’t like, and he asked clarification questions along the way, but I gave him tons of leeway and didn’t really know what it would look like until he was done. The results are fantastic, and he really did a great job capturing the feeling I wanted and the variety and color we were looking for. I threw him a ton of curve balls again along the way, and he did a great job again. I had him run pipes and electrical lines to and from the pool equipment, add garden beds, add garbage can pads, install a volleyball court, and light up a waterfall underwater. As an example of his ability to do broad work and help me with the overall yard, I also had him expand and redo part of the driveway messed up by the pool guys. This involved moving the fence, which he was able to do himself without me needing to involve the fence company that had originally installed it, and he also helped fix another part of the fence that had not passed pool inspection, again saving me money and time to coordinate. He was detailed and fair in his cost breakouts for these additional projects, and worked very hard to stay in the overall budget and not bug me for small changes. In the end, he doesn’t leave or ask for final payment until it meets his satisfaction and yours, which is impressive. He has high standards of quality, and I fully trust him, which is not the case with many contractors I have worked with. We have done a lot of projects around our house, so I have worked with a lot of contractors. Unlike many of them, I feel completely comfortable with Bill and his judgment, not worried that he will cheat me or lie to me or skimp on his work. I give him access to my home if I’m not there, I allow him to make decisions on the work, I trust his numbers and his process and never feel taken advantage of. His team is as solid as he is, and very pleasant to have around. All of his backyard work was done after the pool was already built and functioning, so his team was actually doing a lot of work on many days while we had at least our own kids in the pool, and often 20+ other kids as well for parties, and his team was absolutely no problem to have around. In fact, at times they even noticed things that needed to be done and just did them, like they brought in our trash cans from the street after pickup and turned off pool equipment that wasn’t working right while nobody was home. Bill also stands by his work. I have had a few minor issues for him to warranty, such as burned out bulbs on the lighting and a few plants that didn’t survive the harsh winter or summer they were planted in, and he planned to take care of them before I brought it up, unlike my prior contractor who blamed it on me or the weather. In one case it arguably wasn’t necessarily Bill’s responsibility to take care of it I admit, but since it could have been viewed as potentially related to his work, he jumped in and just took care of it without being asked and without argument, which again is rare.
J&P Metal Arts, Inc.
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsMay 16, 2016
Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Jorge and his Dad take great pride in excellent work. They were helpful, friendly and offered great advice for how to make our front entryway railings beautiful. I would definitely recommend them for any railing project.
Good Charlotte Cedar
Charlotte, NC Fence Installation Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsSeptember 22, 2016
Mr. MacNab was very easy to work with, had a great vision for our fence & did a great job. Would definitely refer him to others & already have. He is a single contractor so if you are looking to have the job done in a few days, he's not your guy. But if you are looking for the job to be done right at a fair price, he is your guy.
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