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THE COMPANY The workshop was founded in 1961 from an idea of Viscardo and Arnaldo Lani, brothers and friends, joined by experience and passion in the field of carpentry. Initially under the name of "Carpenteria F.lli Lani" it immediately becomes a point of reference in the engineering industry by participating in and creating countless works on the national territory, as before, and expanding its partnerships with foreign companies, then. In 1989, the well-established business reality, it passes into the hands of their 4 childrens: Mauro, Massimo, Marinella and Moreno who founded the current company as well. PRODUCTION The tradition and the experience gained over many years of activity and in many areas of relevance (structural, furnishings, décor, furnishings and accessories, etc ...) combined with the latest technologies in the production system, make that manages M4M to satisfy its customers by offering a 360 ° production that makes quality its strong point. The close collaboration with technical studies and designers has consolidated high levels of qualification and professionalism devoted to production in series and fitted. The aim is to turn any idea into reality, albeit from raw materials known for their ruggedness and reliability, such as sheet metal, steel, aluminum and iron. The malleability and the possibility that the metallurgy offers is for many unexplored ground can offer countless satisfactions regarding durability and creativity.
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