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For over 20 years Marble Products International has been the leader in offering unique patented designs and concepts made out of 100% natural marble. Our products have been sold to many of the leading hotel and home decor companies from around the country, and we continue to sell to them today. So you can rest assure that when you buy from Marble Products International, that you are buying the best product on the market.

One of our company’s strength lies in its specific focus on providing the highest quality hand crafted marble products around. We inspect each item that goes out our door to make sure it meets and exceeds the highest standers set by our industry. Such products include handcrafted marble figurines, fruit bowls, candle holders, coaster sets, flower vases, desk accessories and now counter tops and flooring. We also let you add a personal touch to each gift you buy with our personalization service. This service allows you to make that one of a kind product a one of a kind gift for yourself or loved one.

We hope that while you are here shopping with us that you will find everything you’re looking for. But if you run into any problems or have any questions please let us know by calling our Customer Support Team at 1-800-669-5291 and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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Marble Products International

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