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Mogul Interior incorporates wellness design with architectural and furnitures instinctively knowing its vaastu or energy. The ageless beauty of Indian design elements encases your home into a space of "Mogul" grandeur. To make your interiors work in unison with your positive energy, embolden or magically captivate with contemporary passion

From bedrooms that are nice and cozy with arched doorways, living rooms that are grandly decorated with carved panels, your home is a savior to the deepest feelings your heart craves. Exuberant hues and textures Passionately created your home is a magnet to love, luck and prosperity attracting everything positive and good, an abode that is distinctively "Mogul".

Elements of Wellness Design are built around the principles of natural beauty, energy symmetry and color balance which directly impacts and improves the health and well-being of people. Embracing Vastu FengShui design principles aligns with the body's circadian rhythms and the five principal elements that we are all made of.

Designing for wellness, resorts and boutique hotels emphasize fitness and meditation incorporating saunas and detox spas as well as secluded green areas where plants and elements of nature are in abundance. Old doors carved with sun rays and chakras, lotus and florals are bursting with positive energy. Wellness is a sensory experience, be it a running stream or a waterfall or the rustle of leaves, the more relaxing the experience, the memorable it is.

Green design brings nature indoors, beautiful lush plants that purify the air we breathe and reclaimed wood antique armoires and chai tables create a sustainable conscious home. Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra are sister sciences that are based on the ancient knowledge of balance of energies between humans and the places they inhabit. Old Indian doors were studded with metals and beautifully carved in a unique way to create a vortex of energy. Vastu is the yoga of your home and aims at keeping energy fluid. Blocked energy creates stress that impacts your health, career, finances limiting your growth.

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