Skydrop is a wifi sprinkler control system that’s a revolution in Smart Watering. It connects wirelessly to the cloud using hyper-local weather data to water your lawn the right amount at the right time.

Skydrop conserves water…it’s good for the environment…and saves money on water bills.

A lot of sprinkler controllers claim to be smart, but Skydrop is different. Skydrop is smarter.

To understand how, ask yourself a simple question. Why water when you don’t have to?

· Other systems may water less when it rains or the temperature cools, but it’s not enough to just reduce the watering time on a fixed schedule. It’s inefficient and is not the best way to water your landscape.

· Skydrop’s patented smart watering technology observes the weather in your neighborhood hour by hour and adjusts your watering schedule perfectly; because it knows how much moisture your soil is losing.

· Plus, Skydrop is designed to water your lawn landscape in a way that encourages deep and healthy root growth.

· By watering less often, at just the right time, in just the right way, you not only get the benefit of healthy root growth and beautiful green grass-- you also save A LOT of water, and A LOT of money! It is also a product made in the USA.

Most importantly, it keeps your lawn healthy and green, whatever the weather.

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Our product: a smart irrigation controllers, installation, assistance with rebates and incentives

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US and Canada
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