Marey International LLC
Marey is a US based company focused in the tankless water heater sector for more than 60 years. A leader in the water heater industry, we invest in innovation and stand behind our products, partners and clients with top-of-the-line technology, excellent customer support and an eco-friendly company culture.

As a manufacturer and distributor, our portfolio of products features a full product line of both electric and gas tankless water heaters in a wide variety of capacities and sizes to best suit the diverse demographic customers in the US and Canada. All units come with a 5 year warranty to ensure that our final customers have the best product experience and services.
Our pricing points offer distributors a competitive advantage by promoting a product which is efficient, reliable and affordable!

Marey has major e-commerce presence with online platforms and our policy is to develop and maintain a close business relationship with our distributors, online sellers and retailers in order to support all distribution efforts!

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