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Dynamic Saunas has dedicated its primary focus to designing and developing superior, high-quality products in the very concentrated and diverse competitive markets. Encouraging innovative creativity in product development inspires us to provide the best possible products at the best possible values. And with the understanding that after sales service is vital to the operation of a successful company, we put forth great efforts in providing the most outstanding customer service.
We are the largest seller of Low EMF or Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared Saunas in North America. We are located in 100,000 square feet facility in Ontario, California with over 4000 saunas in stock. Dynamic Saunas are designed to for your wellness and wellbeing.

Manufacturer and Distributor of Saunas, Fitness Equipment, and Wellness.

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  • Awesome Product
    July 15, 2018
    I cant say enough good things about this sauna! starting with the purchase, it was smoother and email contact from Houzz was great. Delivery company was outstanding from start to...