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If you have met Kadie Remaklus then you know she has a different way of looking at life. She notices patterns, connections, spaces, gaps, consistency and rhythm in physical space and in the ways people communicate. She often relates her approach to design in the same way she interprets jazz music.. “The moments in between each note are just as important as the note itself…” She goes on to say, “when listening to people explain what they want or who they are, the pauses between each statement is as telling as the statement itself.” Kadie teaches her clients that there is rhythm in every space we cohabit and that it is important to be aware of that rhythm. She feels that the rhythm of our sacred spaces project in to our daily lives so she focuses with her clients to create a space that matches their highest potential. Kadie believes that the importance that space can carry is vastly underestimated. She proposes that, Being able to connect on a fundamental level with yourself and to identify with what will truly make you happy is such a gift… often it is the simplest of questions that seem the most difficult to answer, i.e. what makes me happy? What do I want? Her philosophy is such that only after establishing those soulful requirements can a person then set them in motion. One does this by living amidst their reflections. Desires can translate to texture, color, sheen, functionality, convenience, etc. The details are endless and only limited by what your true desires are. From the wholesome food that you consume in the morning, to the moment you exit your home; you have the capability to be in full control of your mood which carries with you throughout the day. In this spatial way her goal is to have designed a space that reflects your clearest self which allows you to enjoy the ride. We live in a time where we are searching for meaning beyond the surface. A time wherein which we are seeking connections and enlightened awareness. Kadie is one of the visionaries within this movement. She is forging new pathways and covering new ground, her inspiration comes from people like you. In her own words, “I have set out to help make a mindful mark on this world, your world. Beauty lies beneath the surface stemming from intention. Aligning our desires and intentions will in turn only project and reflect more joy and beauty. Get. It. Out. There.”


Second Class Honours (1st Division) Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design & Cum Laude Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from AIU in London, England. Registered interior designer in the state of Nevada. Professional member of the ASID. Reiki Master.

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