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A little bit about Penhaglion.

The bulk of our manufacturing is done at our facility in St.Petersburg, Florida, USA and while we do import certain parts from overseas, we try as much as possible to produce what we can ourselves. At our facility, we work with many different materials including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze as well as hot rolled steel. We also prepare these metals to offer many different and exciting finishes and patina.

All of our bathtubs have four to five layers of powdered enamel applied to the inside shell to meet our minimum stipulated thickness. After the cast iron body of the tub is manufactured and cleaned, it is brought back to red-hot glowing metal. This tub is then placed into an enameling area where a high grade pure white enamel powder is sprinkled onto the inside surface of the tub. After allowing a little time to cure, this process is repeated a further three or four times to meet our thickness and coverage specifications. By the very nature of the application, hand applied powder enameling never leaves a totally flat surface, this is why all cast iron bathtub enamel surfaces can look and be, a little wavy.

For our claw feet, we always use traditional heavy cast iron. We design the feet to compliment the tubs we offer.
On our skirted tubs, we produce brass, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum outer shells.
We always ship our skirted and pedestal tubs fully assembled. Our claw foot tubs are shipped with the feet separate, it is a fairly simple task to install these in the home.
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