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Built upon a tradition of pride in craftsmanship and service, Susquehanna Glass has long been in the business of making things personal. In 1910, Albert Roye installed a glass cutting machine in a small shed behind his house and opened the Susquehanna Glass Factory. Two years later, Albert's brother, Walter, joined the business. The operation grew, eventually moving to its current location in Columbia, Pennsylvania, a stone’s throw from the original shed where it all began.

While hand-cutting glassware was the driving force behind the company’s success and reputation for craftsmanship, the development of new methods to decorate glassware eventually emerged, allowing the company to expand. Sand etching, color screening, laser etching and rotary engraving were all added to increase the company's decorating capabilities. With these new decorating processes, the company was then able to add metal, wood, acrylic and leather items to its product line.

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