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Since 1999, Big Ass Fans has made larger-than-life fans for industrial and commercial applications. In 2012, we entered the residential market with the Haiku line.

Inspired by aerospace engineering, Haiku’s airfoils are sculpted to create optimal air movement while cutting through the air silently. To ensure that Haiku fans never rattle, wobble or squeak, each fan is hand-balanced by a trained technician in Lexington, Kentucky, then tested for silence in a state-of-the-art soundproof chamber.

Haiku believes in smart technology that simplifies your life. Our SenseME®-equipped indoor fans feature an array of built-in sensors that detect when you enter or leave a space and alter fan operation based on environmental changes. Translation? When you’re hot, Haiku fans automatically turn on to keep you cool — and then shut off when you leave. With the intuitive Haiku Home app, you can set your Haiku fans and lights to a predetermined schedule for effortless and automatic operation.

Additionally, Haiku uses a fraction of the energy of traditional fans. How? Cutting-edge engineering. Every Haiku is powered by a customized DC motor using permanent magnet technology. And with a cooling effect up to 10°F (6°C), Haiku fans can reduce your reliance on energy-intensive A/C cooling.

And we’ve backed everything with serious research, intensive engineering, and an almost obsessive drive to innovate and improve. No matter what we’re doing, we go Big Ass every single day, and we’re not stopping.

Services Provided
Ceiling Fan Installation, Ceiling Fan Repair, Lighting Design, Lighting Installation, Lighting Sales, Outdoor Lighting Installation

Areas Served
Georgetown, Keene, Lexington, Lexington-Fayette, Midway, Migrate, Monticello, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Nashville, Miami, Raleigh, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, District of Columbia, Birmingham, Detroit, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Oakland, Redondo Beach, San Diego, Gilbert, Huffman, Austin, San Antonio, Kansas City, Chicago, Columbus, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Norwalk, Philadelphia, Alexandria, Jacksonville, Naples, Charleston, Charlotte, New York

Certifications and Awards
2019 Lightovation Best Ceiling Fan Market Choice Award Winner
2019 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Ceiling Fan
2018 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Ceiling Fan
2017 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Ceiling Fan
2016 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Ceiling Fan
2016 ENERGY STAR Excellence Award - Product Design
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