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RAILROADWARE™ (Railroad Ware)
Railroad is Western inspired lighting hardware& gifts made from glass, steel & waste stream materials. We transform common industrial artifacts related to the railroad, aviation, automotive & music industries into products that have a new life with a historical accent. Our products add distinctive depth texture and historical reference to your residential and commercial decor. Railroad ware is delightfully functional and re-made in USA.

•Collection of Western & railroad inspired products.
•All American Remade lighting, hardware made from glass, steel & waste stream materials.
•Industrial design, rustic & reclaimed lighting & hardware
•Relates to early telegraph, telephone, telecommunications, railroad and power industries

For over 16 years we design, machine and handcraft our products on our ranch studio outside of Chico, CA. Most of our products are waste stream sourced materials, regionally located from collections or saved from a landfill. The artifacts are then sorted, cleaned and restored. The glass and steel artifacts are generally drilled, welded, cut & grinded with simple tools. Some tasks and products are outsourced or purchased locally. Our hardware products are not power coated enameled, They are raw materials and they spend time in the rust field for more exposure to the elements before final oiling, polishing, sealing and shipping worldwide.

“Tangible and usable symbols of America's historic past and industrial identity."
American Remade Collection strikes a resonant cord with customers & designers. The connection is the early telegraph, telephone, telecommunications, railroad and power industries. As emerging technologies and rapid modern transformation leave some of the USA industrial crafts, processes and byproduct materials behind, Railroad ware stays on track mining the past and re-make these stranded industrial artifacts into useful products again.

Insulator lights™ are regionally sourced, all made in the USA meeting all NEC Standards and can be tested & UL labeled if needed for an additional cost. LED 120V/3W Pendants comes ready to hang with instructions, canopy, hardware and LED bulb. Insulatorlights come in a variety insulator colors, shapes, canopy & cord finishes.

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Lighting Design, Lighting Sales, Outdoor Lighting Design

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Chico, new york, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Denver, Billings, Miami, Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, Charlotte, atlanta, boston

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Retired architect, inventor, hardware lighting designer
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