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Forest Hills, NY
Rbdelaa Lighting
Rbdelaa lighting was established in 2007 by two brothers and now is a team of talented and dedicated lighting professionals, committed to producing outstanding work every step of the way. Over the course of the past 5 years, Rbdelaa lighting has grown exponentially with over 500 name brand companies to choose from. Our staff of lighting professionals is eager to assist you in designing the lighting for your space or project to the utmost perfection. Before the two brothers opened up the business they worked as project managers in a lighting company at Brooklyn NY. Now Rbdelaa is a 4000sq ft. business located in the heart of Queens, New York. Your home can be decorated in many ways and it’s very important to provide it with the suitable lighting fixtures which do a lot more than just providing light or illumination, they can dramatically modify the way your store and home looks and feels. RBdelaa lighting helps the homeowners reveal sense of creativity and art to build the beautiful and bright place to live in. RBdelaa Lighting will not only lighten up the encompassing area, it will as well add colors and accents to your home décor and become the jealousy of those coming by. If you are about to create a unique lighting design for your space, then RBdelaa Lighting with its largest variety of both modern and classic lighting, experienced and professional staff, is the best choice.